Kerry On – I Can Save You Time and Timing is Everything

Mr and Mrs A. called me to drive them to the Oakland airport for an unexpected trip East.

They prefer me to drive them in their car and to leave the car at his office in the City.

While they were gone they asked me to:

  • Bring in the newspapers
  • Check the mail and sort
  • Email them daily with any/all news of projects underway:
  • Contact and interface with the computer guru. The Mac was on the fritz- again.
  • Oversee Workmen – who were repainting the downstairs Powder room – for two days.

In addition, the gardener would be installing a drought resistant area in the backyard and needed to be monitored ~according to “notes”.

She runs a Rare Books business from her home and she needed nine books carefully wrapped, insured, mailed and tracked.

The last two things on “THE LIST” were to get a ‘ding’ in her windshield repaired and to stock the refrigerator for their return. Extensive list provided.

Mr and Mrs A. returned to their home last Sunday night – pleased to have their “To do List” handled in their absence. Worry free.

May I help you?

As a Personal Assistant and Project Manager I can save you time and trouble by taking over your To Do List, interfacing with workmen and assisting you with any number of projects.

Kerry On: References Available

Free 30 minute interview within 20 miles radius

– Certified Paralegal

-Former Corporate Meeting Planner

-Background -Director of Operations/Logistics

Contact me:

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Looking for SF’s Best Shredding Excellence?

iNEW_like-you 2Kerry On Award for Great Service

Not a Shred of Evidence...Level Six Shreddingimages

Recently, a client hired me to deliver reams of out dated documents, ancient tax returns, and misc. papers  to

Level 6 Shredding in San Francisco.

This  owned and operated – impeccable company weighed and shredded all the docs that required my ‘witness’ and were to shred all other papers, thereafter.   Matt and Robert make house calls -and  will show up at your curb ( at your home or office) and shred documents, too.

A great service –  both very professional and cordial: Level Six Shredding.


Good Will? Out-of -the -Closet is a dynamic, well organized, company – located at California and Polk Streets – light years ahead of Goodwill- who accepts donations for resale.

Excellent drive in and drop off donations service. Several clients have hired me take multiple bags for donations to Out- of -the- Closet.

Good Will Hunting – Looking for someone to run to Target, Costco and Bev Mo?  Last week I made the rounds for one family and delivered groceries, paper goods, and beverages. Happy family.


I am professional and efficient with a proven track record and sterling references.

Free 30-minute consultation within 10 miles radius.

  • References Upon Request
  • May I help you?
  • Thank you


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Give me your shopping list? Let me do you shopping

Kerry On Personal Shopper

Patsy is a very busy woman with no time to shop.

She said it came down to two choices: She could do the mad dash down the aisles of Whole Foods/Safeway and rush home in time to throw the groceries into their respective areas – quickly change for her Pilates class- jump back in the car and scour the area for a parking place and run into class – breathless…or

  She could hire me to do her weekly grocery shopping. We have it down to a science.

For instance, I know she likes pink roses, Best Foods Mayo and not faux mayonnaise.  She prefers Clover Organic Milk; Fage Greek O% fat yogurt; pink peaches – in season; frozen, organic, blueberries; Shredded Wheat; plain hummus; Tangerine juice – not Orange juice, California Cabernets, Quinoa in bulk, Trader Joe’s Belgium Chocolate Pudding (her favorite.)

Very Entertaining: When Patsy is planning to have people over – we talk.

She plans the menu – we discuss various stores, decor, and wine, Bev Mo versus Costco. I do all the shopping, deliver, and put groceries away, set the table and prep various food items.

Who does your grocery shopping? 

Is it a mad dash into the corner grocer or Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods and Target?

I’ll be happy to take over your Grocery List… so you can Kerry on!

Personal Shopper Expertise: My grandfather opened a family-owned department store in California in 1895. For a century, our store served the local communities. My father taught me a great deal about customer service, merchandising and high standards.


Please contact me to discuss your To Do List.-



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Beginner’s luck? Not really…

Kerry On

Your Personal Assistant

Clutter: The GOOD NEWS –


Sorry, there is no such thing as a Magic Wand to remove clutter…

The Good News:

I can help you toss, shred, organize, alphabetize, de-clutter and organize receipts, files and mild chaos.

Allow me – to assist you in de-cluttering, organizing, purging, tossing, and shredding.

Ms T. hired me to work with her elderly parents. They had rooms and rooms filled with items that needed to be repaired, donated, thrown away, put in the proper place, Mission Accomplished.

An affable couple, June and Ward, agreed they no longer needed those 12 old jig- saw puzzles, 20 ‘0dd’ sets of playing cards, and stacks of coloring books and boxes of broken crayons for the grandkids – who were now in college.

It’s in the Bag: We filled up bags of junk to toss or recycle …and bags of toys in good shape to be donated. Next, we sorted though dozens of old movies, cassettes, and duplicate CD’s. We agreed: there are only so many Frank Sinatra ”I Did it My Way” CD’s one can listen to.

Too Much Stuff Syndrome? Like many of us – the couple had multiple bookshelves crammed with books and old magazines – in no time the books were sorted and organized -dog-eared magazines were recycled and giving the living room a great face-lift.

Through the years: I have worked with couples, singles, sisters, doctors, lawyers and Indian chefs…

(Note: Boxes of very old Time Magazines and National Geograhics were put on Craigslist for free – and disappeared.)

June has booked me to visit – twice a week – for the next two months.

It’s a date!

We are working magic: clutter is disappearing!

Email me – we’ll talk.

Kerry On



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Kerry on – May I help you?

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Taxing times? Getting organized

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I’m a Pick Up Artist and Personal Assistant

May I help you?

Kerry On Your Personal Assistant

Exteriour of quirky house with red painted decorations

I am a pick up artist:

I Pick Up the Pieces: the dry cleaning, the packages at UPS, the plans at City Hall, and the groceries from Whole Foods, Safeway, Bryan’s and Trader Joe’s.

I run errands and I run interference for you with suppliers, contractors, workers and helpers.
I’m a professional Personal Assistant with a proven track record and background in logistics and operations.


  • I Moved a couple from their home of 45 years to a Senior Residence in Santa Rosa.
  • I researched the best water heater company in Marin and arranged for the very smooth  installation
  • Arranged for 62 windows cleaned to perfection
    * Created a very thorough ‘Earthquake Preparedness Kit’ for a family of four
    and facilitated the design and construction of 3 very efficient closets….
  • I helped a film-maker set up a home office;  picked up a Visa at the Russian Consulate, bought, wrapped, insured and…

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Got Computer? Got Questions?


There are gazillions of Apple Product Fans…

And just as many questions, qualms, quandaries when it comes to  Questions/Quick Fixes, crashes, and the dreaded

“I forgot My Password Syndrome.”

In Marin County, Chris Harnish is The Apple Guru for anyone over 50…his newsletter is a treasure trove of information, tips, tricks and updates on Apple Products. He makes house calls – is so smart and pleasant and calm.

Online “Ask Ben” (aka) Here’s the Thing

is a super resource for myriad “Apple and other” conundrums.


Happy New Year

unnamed-3 copy 2

Kerry On

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Kerry On Ellen DeGeneres Quote




Blank white sandwich board on a city sidewalk

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Allow me to be Your Personal Shopper – Kerry On

unnamed-3 copy 2

Leave the shopping to me…

You are busy – very busy. And while you would love to pick up items at Rainbow Grocery, Target, Bryan’s and Cal Mart – and drop off those bags to Goodwill or Salvation Army – “free time” to do so  is not always available.

Sarah M. flys to ORD once a week and her meetings last 2-4 days. She follows a very healthy and very strict diet. She knows exactly what she wants and prepares a weekly list for me. Once or twice a month, I do Sarah’s grocery shopping; I clean out, organize,  -then re-stock her refrigerator with new purchases.

She returns home to find  a wide variety of high quality, fresh produce and beverages.

May I help you?

clean closet

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