Kerry K. Daly, Professional Organizer, is the owner of Kerry On Personal Assistance and provides organizational and concierge services to individuals, small business owners, and residential clients in San Francisco, Marin County and San Jose.

 Clients: include a wide range of executives, therapists, entrepreneurs, physicians, professors, attorneys, retirees and homemakers.

Kerry On: So you can carry on

A Personal Assistant, Move Manager and Project Manager who saves you time and money by efficiently taking over your “To Do List” and getting it done.

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  Projects of various sizes and scope:  I have moved families from apartments into new homes and helped couples downsize from spacious homes to much smaller spaces in retirement communities. I’ve researched Property Managers in Chicago, car insurance companies, tailors, dentists and knife sharpeners. I have shipped, shopped, decorated, delivered; I have inventoried wine cellars, impressive art collections and organized numerous garages, kitchens, cabinets and closets.


I have saved the day: I delivered passports to a client – pre boarding- at SFO and have secured visas at various consulates. I’ve worked with clients to downsize, organize, purge, shred, donate, pack up and unpack.

I can interface and run interference with your suppliers, workers, and contractors. I’ve worked with a wide range of handymen, painters, carpenters and electricians.  I can arrange for and oversee home repairs and assist with your projects.


clean closet

Kerry On – My background is “Retail 101” Our family had department stores in Northern California for 100 years. I grew up working in the store and learning – from my father – about the importance of quality service and customer care.

A Career in the Hospitality Industry

Details and deadlines are my strong suit.  Having been a homeowner, meeting planner and Personal Assistant in San Francisco, Marin County and San Jose for 25+ years has provided the necessary training, expertise, and knowledge to be a capable and respected project manager and personal assistant.

I love what I do and I am a uniquely talented.

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Look for Kerry On: See the Diamond Certified website

Email – Kerry.on.sf@gmail.com

                                  Please request a copy of my  “Kerry On Agreement”


5 Responses to About

  1. Ellen Scanlan says:

    This site is great, Kerry! What an invaluable service for the stressed out, , Ellen

  2. lauzlau says:

    I’m impressed by all that you do to enable folks to “Kerry on” – a huge weight is lifted. Your writing is entertaining (& your post on What to Wear – good to know). I’m glad you enjoyed my post, A Valentine with no Expectations. .

  3. Weaga says:

    I like your blog. It is simple and direct. The pictures are attractive. Well done!

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