SF Independent Living: Research and Assistance

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Senior Living- New Chapters:

Helene and Randy Live in New York City. She contacted me to say her elderly parents live in San Francisco and their home was too much to handle. They needed assistance looking for an Independent Living situation.

 Helene hired me to research, tour/inspect four San Francisco Independent Living facilities and report back on my findings. She lives in Manhattan – only comes to the City a few times a year- and is “planning ahead” for her parents. A very good idea.

Touring the Properties

I arranged for Site Inspections at the Sequoias, the San Francisco Towers, the Carlisle and Coventry Gardens. During the tours of the properties I took notes and numerous pictures. I gathered all necessary brochures, floor plans, documents and handouts. I spoke to contacts and friends who shared their candid comments and assessments of each facility.

Reporting Back

In time, I was able to compile a very thorough packet of information with commentary, analysis and brochures, contracts to FEDEX to the client.

We later spoke and reviewed all by phone. Armed with volumes of information and observations – Helene felt more confident and sure of her upcoming move to secure living accommodations and assistance.

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Another Senior Citizen Client – 78 and Moving to a new address

…Summertime Blues  – it happens

MK had to downsize from a spacious three-bedroom home to a lovely, petite, carriage house. She needed help sorting through decades of papers, books, and records and clothes.

She also needed to advise all of her suppliers of her new address, renew professional licenses, and have multiple documents organized and filed.

Organizing cupboards, shelves, closets, the storage area, as well as purging, donating and delivering items were all aspects of the job.

Careful planning, great resources, and we got the job done – with speed, humor and success!


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