What’s in your Closet? Ready for change?


Daryl D.had been out of the dating scene for decades.

Bam! He said he woke up single with a closet full of schlumpy old man clothes. All the cool guys in the the condo complex were “way groovier.” He noticed and took notes and called for help.  He called a close mutual friend who who called me.

Organizing Closets can be very rewarding – based upon the client’s willingness to Update, purge, donate and toss.

We met for fifteen minutes before he had the courage to show me his closet.

We walked into his closet and I causally suggested a “radical purging”  and updating his wardrobe. Daryl D was most agreeable and easy to work with in the organizing process.


Five Hefty garbage bags were filled with ancient clothing and donations.

He agreed, the old baby blue Samonsite luggage set had to go. We filled one with ancient neckties, worn belts and the three “seen better days” briefcases from law school.

Within an hour, we had culled the few classic wardrobe items (Keepers) and tossed the sad, old, worn-and-torn outdated pieces.

We then checked out my favorite Men’s Fashion websites:

Daly’s 1895


Within Minutes…

He went from dull and lifeless…We  ordered a few Wardrobe Must Haves:

  • New Belts: Black and Brown
  • A new handsome leather Cross-body Bag
  • A much needed Jack Spade Briefcase
  • Two Very Cool Bow ties – for special occasions
  • His First Pocket Square (!)

(Happy birthday- There was a new pair of cufflinks in his future…)

And so it begins…the subtle make over for the Next Chapter.

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