De Cluttering Options 101

Cleaning Up Your Act

Tried and True? De Cluttering Styles Vary

One man’s treasure…

Mary lives in a beautiful, older home in Burlingame with no closets. She has three tiny, slivers, posing as closets. She’s very cleverly created a walk-in closet the garage- which is, now, too far and too many stairs from her bedroom. Every year, we work to downsize clothes, shoes, and accessories. She is a Buckeye Girl and likes the Ohio Rule form of de-cluttering.

The OHIO Rule “Only Handle It Once”

A Classic De-cluttering Technique, good for halting the flow of things coming into your home: junk mail, trinkets, used Amazon boxes, bags, magazines… the OHIO mantra helps sort out challenges – deciding if you’ll keep, sell, donate, or toss. 

Tiny Problems

We all know – in our hearts of hearts- you shouldn’t buy or keep more miscellanea than your current home will accommodate. This means putting the brakes on shopping when your closets and shelves are packed to the max. Smart shoppers in small spaces often donate one item if they buy one new item.

The One-Year Query

If you haven’t worn that shirt, skirt, sweater, Go-Go Boots or Halloween costume in over a year: It is time to toss, donate, purge… Of course, we all hold on to various items for sentimental reasons. Sure, but within reason. It’s one thing to keep a dozen of your kid’s favorite books – but you’re wasting space keeping bags and old magazines and books in the basement.


“Getting things straight in your head is a major achievement because there’s so much clutter out there. You’ve got to push aside the static to really hear the music.”

Steve Wynn

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