Kitchen Cupboard Wisdom…organizing – Kerry On

 Are you duplicating your efforts?

It is Time to Kerry On

Janet K.  just needed a second set of hands and a discerning eye – her kitchen cupboards were over flowing with duplicates and triplicates of everything.

You don’t want to know the count and the amount of Tupperware pieces floating in drawers, cupboards, shelves.

Choose One: Sort, Organize, Toss, Donate,

First, we tackled drawers of  pots and pans and instantly realized a family of three doesn’t need 6 fry pans and 4 pasta pots.

The family  had one 10-piece set of Calphalon too many. In good time – we worked together and  sorted, organized, matched pieces and purged the remainder pieces.

Voila!  The available shelf space doubled and we hadn’t  even approached the formidable ‘Baking Supply’ drawers.

In five hours we cleaned, cleared, organized, sorted, straightened and purged and donated.

It’s a great feeling to streamline and systemize and to bring a semblance of  sanity and organization to your home.

Is it time for you to get organized? Can you imagine a neater, cleaner, more organized work space?  May I help you Kerry on?

Please contact:

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