Kerry On – You need a personal assistant

Kerry on Your Personal Assistant – Creative Problem Solving

Do any of these events describe your living situation?
**The dry cleaning still needs to be picked up.
**The prescription is waiting at Walgreen’s.
**The running shoes are the wrong size and need to be exchanged.
**Every plant in your house needs a burial at sea.

**You don’t have time to hit Trader Joe’s, Bev Mo, and Rainbow Grocery, Costco…
**Your housekeeper quit because you forget to leave a key, again.
**Your cupboards and refrigerator are as bare as old Mrs. Hubbard’s.
**The ‘Thank You notes’ from Christmas still need to be purchased, addressed, signed and mailed.

Kerry on – Your Personal Assistant
is your solution.

Dedicated professional with 20+ years in creative problem solving

* · Superior skills in multi tasking while effectively running an active household
* · Able to organize, orchestrate, manage and coordinate
* · Adept at taking initiative and getting results
* · Highly organized with attention to detail
* · Gracious, diplomatic and results oriented
* · Specialist in 3 R’s: Remind, Remember, Resolve
* · Able to handle challenges while maintaining degree of decorum
* · Positive attitude
* · Extremely resourceful with a thorough knowledge of SF and environs

· Excellent verbal and written skills

“Kerry on –  Your Personal Assistant”

How may I help you?

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