Beginner’s luck? Not really…

Kerry On

Your Personal Assistant

Clutter: The GOOD NEWS –


Sorry, there is no such thing as a Magic Wand to remove clutter…

The Good News: I can help you toss, shred, organize, alphabetize, de-clutter and organize receipts, files and mild chaos.

Allow me – to assist you in de-cluttering, organizing, purging, tossing, and shredding.

Ms T. hired me to work with her elderly parents. They had rooms and rooms filled with items that needed to be repaired, donated, thrown away, put in the proper place, Mission Accomplished.

An affable couple, June and Ward, agreed they no longer needed those 12 old jig- saw puzzles, 20 ‘0dd’ sets of playing cards, and stacks of coloring books and boxes of broken crayons for the grandkids – who were now in college.

It’s in the Bag: We filled up bags of junk to toss or recycle …and bags of toys in good shape to be donated. Next, we sorted though dozens of old movies, cassettes, and duplicate CD’s. We agreed: there are only so many Frank Sinatra ”I Did it My Way” CD’s one can listen to.

Too Much Stuff Syndrome? Like many of us – the couple had multiple bookshelves crammed with books and old magazines – in no time the books were sorted and organized -dog-eared magazines were recycled and giving the living room a great face-lift.

Through the years: I have worked with couples, singles, sisters, doctors, lawyers and Indian chefs…

(Note: Boxes of very old Time Magazines and National Geograhics were put on Craigslist for free – and disappeared.)

June has booked me to visit – twice a week – for the next two months.

It’s a date!

We are working magic: clutter is disappearing!

Email me – we’ll talk.

Kerry On



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2 Responses to Beginner’s luck? Not really…

  1. mumsthewordblog1 says:

    Great work you are doing! So many people need help decluttering…. it’s so easy to amass but not to dispose of 😃🐻

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