Top 10 Reasons you need a Personal Assistant / Organizer


Kerry on – Your Personal Assistant and Project Manager

Top 10 Reasons You Need to ‘Kerry On’in the New Year

  1. The dry cleaning still needs to be picked up.
  2. The prescription is waiting at Walgreens. Still.
  3. The running shoes (not Zappos) are the wrong size and need to be exchanged.
  4. Every plant in your house needs a burial at sea.
  5. Paper: you have paper – stacks, piles, files and more – just waiting you attention.
  6. Your cupboards and refrigerator are as bare as old Mrs. Hubbard’s.
  7. The ‘Thank You notes‘ from Christmas ‘15 still need to be purchased, addressed, signed and mailed.
  8. You don’t have time to find, hire and train a housekeepr, an electrician, a new gardener or a handyman.
  9. Even your Netflix are egregiously late.
  10. You are simply too busy.


Kerry On: Your Personal Assistant~ so you  can carry on

  • Superior skills in multi tasking while effectively running projects
  • Able to organize, manage and coordinate
  • Adept at taking initiative and getting results: chores, tasks, and errands.
  • Extremely resourceful with a thorough knowledge of SF and Marin
  • Vendor and Project Management
  • Excellent verbal and written skillsphoto_2990_20070822
  • Specializing in Projects, Tasks, Errands
  • Open to Project Basis Assignments.
  • References available upon request
  • See: Kerry On Yelp Reviews


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