Kerry On – Recent comments from clients…

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…Kerry On was very professional, patient, and nonjudgmental toward what could have been a pretty humiliating experience.”

I have been using my living & dining room as a office space and the clutter was just getting too much. Every time I tried to organize it myself, it was just a hassle. She easily and patiently helped me organize my living room and dining room areas in less than 3 hours. I can now again entertain in my home…I am  now officially  de-cluttered, at least for this month.

Kerry On’s expertise helped me get  organized and “zoned” my kitchen so I prep, cook and and enjoy my guests without colliding.

I would highly recommend all of her organizing services.

Michael R.- San Francisco


Ordinarily, I am a very organized individual. But, events  combined with a home refurbishing/redecorating project I became extremely overwhelmed.

After extensive research, I contacted Kerry.

Kerry has a calm, soothing, non-judgmental demeanor. When she leaves after a few hours work, I marvel at our progress. And, she inspires me to continue on with the work started!

MFG-  Mill Valley

Text taken from a referral…

Q. What did Kerry do for you?

A. Helped move, teaching assistant, and book editor.

Q. Did you fully trust her?

A. Totally. Kerry has highest integrity with time and money

and everything-  period.

Q. How was her follow through?

A. Always on time and very professional.

Q. Does she function independently?

Kerry is a self starter and always followed through.

Q. Comments on her judgment?

A. Excellent never thought an independent decision was not at least as good as my own.

Kerry on: the best, intelligent, thoughtful, kindly. Committed to the task at hand, an inspiration and wonderful to have around.

Dr. JM – San Francisco

Elegant Lenox Pine

Just love Kerry!  I gave her services as a gift to some dear friends who were in dire need of some organization in their home office.  In short order, Kerry dealt with the piles and piles of receipts and paper to be filed in an efficient manner, all at a very reasonable price.

I highly recommend her vast array of services and she is wonderful to work with.  Straightforward communication is oh-so helpful and necessary and she really is a straight-shooter.

Wm B. – Marin County



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