Kerry On: The Best Services – SF

photo_380_20051108San Francisco can be dazzling and ever so confusing… 

 There are so many choices for everything.

I’ve done the Research and Analysis:

Here are my Top 10+ Best Services in the City

– Best Volvo Repair: Auto 280talk to Gary, 1315 Ocean Ave (415) 333-8622

 – Best Florist: Bloomers 2975 Washington St   (415) 563-3266

– Best Knife Sharpener in the City: Galen at Town Cutler 1005 Bush St    (415) 359-1519

Best Watch Repair/Estate /Retail Jewelers:  Tigges Jewelers  5848 Geary Blvd,
(415) 221-0804

Best Hair Salon: Jackson Place Salon ( See: Liz) 633 Battery St    (415) 399-1044

– Best Moving and Storage: Cunningham Movers 1250 Van Dyke Ave   (415) 854-0524

– Best Shredding Company: Level  Six   139-A Collingwood Street

-Best Yoga/Massage: The Mindful Body 2876 California St  (415) 931-2639

– Best Dry Cleaners: Quong Sing – 7th Avenue at Geary Blvd.

– Best Bookstore: Green Apple Books 506 Clement Street  (415) 387-2272

-Best Pie and Coffee: Park Chow 1240 9th Ave   (415) 665-9912

-Best Sell Your Gold: West Portal Gold Buyers in West Portal

– Best Walgreens in the City: Franklin Street at Post St1301 Franklin St   (415) 775-6706

 – Best Car Repair and Oil ChangeSunset 76 Auto Repair/ Service Station 1700 Noriega St  (415) 753-9635

 Best Wedding Photographer: Christopher Briscoe

287 4th St  Ashland, Oregon 97520  (541) 488-2005 ( Too amazing not to mention)

– Best Massage and Facials: Chez Shivy 350 Lawton St   (415) 566-831

NOTE: Auctions – We have learned clearly not to use CLARS of Oakland

imagesKerry On!

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