Ready for a Move? Kerry On – Move Manager


Kerry on: Your Move Manager

and Downsizing Specialist

Jack and Jeri decided to move from their spacious Marin County home  (3-BD/ 2BA)  to a cottage in St Helena.

We worked together for eight weeks to effectively plan, plot, and downsize their home and prepare for their new chapter.

The Cliff Notes

Extraneous furniture was sent to consignment, auction, and donated.

  • A successful Estate Sale was carefully planned and carried out.
  • The very  impressive library was sorted through – books were sold and a vast amount were donated to San Francisco State University.
  • Staff came on site to pack, purge, organize and deliver the contents of the home.
  • Both ARC and Goodwill picked up a wide variety of items.

Level Six Shredding  drove  up in their white van and picked up bags and bags of papers requiring shredding – and were gone in a blink.

Large Pick Up Arrangements were made with Recology, REsource, Hazardous Waste, SCRAP, SF State Reading Room, and ARC.

Our calendars were filled with myriad preparations to be ready for Moving Day.

Moving DayCunningham Moving and Storage– arrived and professionally and efficiently packed, inventoried, transferred everything to the truck –   the move went without a hitch. Thereafter, Alicia and the Fresh Air Janitorial team cleaned the house from stem to stern – they are real pros! 

Finally,  1-800-Got -Junk came in for a final  pick up and a ‘sweep up’ of any and all extraneous items. Voila!

Success: On the Other End- Several hours spent  assisting in the new home –  unpacking and organizing and getting as many empty boxes off the premises as possible.

May I help you?  Kerry on


All the names /cities have been changed to

protect the terrific.

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