Move Manager and Personal Assistant- Kerry On – Moving Experience

George and Geri decided to move from their San Francisco home of 50 years to a senior retirement community up north.



The couple was most agreeable about downsizing, purging, donating, selling and “gifting their kids” with family treasures.

Our daily task was to: Prepare

Each day, we tackled the most pressing job. Together we reviewed what needed to be kept for their new home; which items were to be  gifted to each of the three children; update the list of items to be moved to a large storage facility; and itemize supplies moved to a cousin’s farm in Sonoma. We also clearly discussed and divided furniture to be shipped to relatives in three different cities.

We tackled each task with patience and aplomb. Jerry and George both epitomize grace, humor and a strong “can-do attitude.”

After several weeks of downsizing, packing, organizing, purging, donating and  selling various times on Craigslist (and giving away a ton away) – we were ready.


We hired a highly respected, San Francisco Moving company to come in and inventory each of the shipments to our six different locations.

Details details details

We kept careful notes about each item to be shipped to each different address. Inventory Copies were placed in Binders for reference.

We carefully walked through the process for each city, individually, and used color-coded Post-it notes.

The move took place in carefully choreographed waves.

The trucks were packed; all were strategically and geographically correct.


The movers were very impressed with our level of organization expertise. 

For George and Geri – it was a momentous event- and a “wonderfulness” chapter began. A Success.


May I help you?

Now Serving San Francisco, San Jose, and Marin County


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