May I help you – Kerry On

Kerry On – Your Personal Assistant – May I help you with:

· Coordinate and Oversee Household Improvements– interface with suppliers
· Repair and Maintenance Service (arranging service, getting quotes, allowing access)
· Errand Service (dry cleaning, post office, banking, pharmacy, delivery, etc.)
· Dining and Activities (tickets, reservations, tee times, private tours)
· Executive and Corporate Assistance (planning meetings, transporting clients, organizational services)
· House-sitting Service (plants and garden, fill refrigerator for arrival, check on home)
· Office Help (filing, organizing, copying, shredding
· Planning Dinner Parties and Other Events (invitations, food and drink, decorating, music/entertainment)
· Relocation Service (evaluating homes and rentals, moving and storage arrangements, settling-in services)
· Shopping Service (groceries, gifts, gift-wrapping, item returns)
· Transportation Service (airport, within the city)
· Travel Service (planning and booking)
· Writing/Proofreading Service
· Other Services (meal service, reminder service, handling mini-emergencies, etc.)

imagesKerry On!

Please contact me


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