Do you have an Empty Nest? Need help?

Passages…The Empty Nest

Kerry On Your Personal Assistant

eagle_7884_20081115One of Life’s Big Chapters: The Empty Nest.

Who knew it would be so rife with emotion and overwhelm?

And then there is the whole, “How Do I Change, Fix, Straighten Up, Fix, and     De-Clutter and attack the new challenge of “The Room?”

Call me – we can talk. I can help you organize, de-clutter, clean up and clear out what you decide upon. Often, a second set of eyes, hands, and years of experience is the ticket.

Perhaps you want to to donate all those boxes of school supplies/ old hobby items?  (Check out Scrap San Francisco – a wonderful San Francisco Institution.

Have drawers filled with clothes that will never be worn by your clan, again? What about all those books? CD’s, text books, Ninja Turtles, trophies, dinosaurs, computer games, toys…

Let’s talk? I would be happy to help.

Please contact me to talk about your To-Do List:

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