My millennial – busy, SF, 20-something – will Kerry On

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My millennial – like two ships passing in the night – we rarely see one another – and his house is in order. Perfect pairing.

 This month, my most interesting client is a busy, 20-something, very wealthy, man who can’t do his laundry.

Nor can he pick his clothes up off the floor; organize his refrigerator, pantry or closets. He cannot be present to receive the gardener, the maid, or receive special deliveries. His cupboards and pantry are as bare as old Mother Hubbard’s. I have been happy to stock the refrigerator and cupboard shelves with healthy, food, as needed.

Client X readily admits that he is “not that tidy” and asked me to organize his closets. All of them.

Mr. Chill Stich

He has a couple dozen pair of jeans -all skinny- the man does not eat.  You’ll find no Levi’s here – only designer labels like Armani, Fendi…

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One Response to My millennial – busy, SF, 20-something – will Kerry On

  1. lynnfraley says:

    Another delightful read, of course.

    I just finishing reading the entire The Magic of Tidying Up by a Japanese author and it was wonderful. I have had help to tidy up for more than a decade. Tossing things that don’t bring me joy is one of her main points.

    Will you join us on Saturday? I want to read your book!!

    xoxo Lynn

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