Her boyfriend’s apartment needed a Face-lift: done!


shirts-messy__180Stan is a busy bachelor who never had time to clean up, tidy up

or get up and clean out his closets, cupboards or drawers.

Tini, his girl friend, hired me to help Stan tackle two of his “very full,” not-too-tidy- over-flowing closets.

Agreeable, results-orients and happy to finally de-clutter : 

Stan and I cleaned out two huge closets in four hours. Years of older-in great shape-Camping gear was donated to a local Boy Scout Troop.

Stan had two nephews who inherited old golf clubs, perfectly good  tennis rackets (and six cans of new tennis balls) a badminton set – still in the box, and everything – but the table- for table tennis. Progress.

In that short while we re-configured his closet – liberated a lot of space and transferred his Sports /Ski/ Hiking jackets to the front of the closet – for great visibility and access.

Stan is a happy camper and a new monthly client.

 Next? The Back Porch….May I help yu?Contact KERRY ON if you need help with cupboards, closets, garages, drawers, shelves, clutter…photo_4483_20071216.jpg

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