She was right: “No wire hangers!”

closet-hangers beige multiple

 Quick Tips

Mommie Dearest was right about your closet: No Wire Hangers

Return them to the dry cleaners, recycle them or donate them.

Costco, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond all sell the sturdy lightweight hangers pictured above. Buy a few dozen hangers and transfer all your clothing from the wire hangers, the odd wooden hangers, and the tubular hangers in every color to your new, sleek, matching hangers.

Simple Solution and what a tremendous improvement!





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One Response to She was right: “No wire hangers!”

  1. Pl says:

    Absolutely – I also promote the use of padded hangers for specific, delicate items.
    The mere aesthetics of using identical, sleek hangers improves a closet dramatically. And then, we sort each clothing category…magic!

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