How To Clean Out Your Closet – a New Year’s Resolution, right?

Organizing a Closet- One Hanger at a Time

closet-hangers beige multiple

The Most Important, First Step in Organizing Any Closet:

#1.Take everything out of your closet. Everything.

( Is there a family of furry dust bunnies living in your closet? Do a quick vacuum job)

#2. The Toss-Discard-Purge-Donate Collection: Examine each item and decide whether to: Toss or Keep? If it is too small, too large, too old, too worn and torn, too out of style, too “Not You, – do not hesitate to donate it. If the garment is Consignment Calibre – put it in an area of the room with a Label: Consignment. Every item is scrutinized and is a Keeper or a Toss.

Tomorrow: The NEXT BIG Step

Spelling Game says Help Me

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