What to do with all those old family photos? Kerry On


Do you have boxes, baskets, and drawers filled with family photos?

Will you sort them by year, by family member, event, school, job, or state?  Perhaps you have plenty of time to put all of them in scrapbooks?

Or, like many of us, you might be daunted by the task and put them all back in boxes (baskets, drawers, cupboards) and plan to tackle the herculean task another day?

Many of my clients have started and stopped and quit this project. Have you?


 Kerry On: The Perfect Solution: ScanCafe 

Six Simple Steps to having all your photographs scanned- saved and on a CD!

The ScanCafe 6-steps to success:

 1. You Order

2. You Ship to ScanCafe

3. We Scan

4. You Review -online and voila!

5. We Ship to You

6. You Enjoy & Share


I enjoyed Great Customer Service with the help of Jennifer at the ScanCafe Help Desk  in Hayward. My client has hundreds of photographs to scan – we sent 100 photographs in- to test the process-  and he was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of ScanCafe. Now, for the next few hundred photographs…and then, the slides.

Kerry On! Your Personal Assistant

in San Francisco, Marin County and San Jose


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