Comcast – a wonderful experience?


American adults frequently play “My Comcast Experience Was Worse Than Yours.

It is what we do…storytellers gather and compete for Worst Comcast Nightmare story status.

Sydney and Mike – moved to Marin County – after aeons of living in San Francisco and had heard a plethora of horrible Comcast stories from family and friends…and they hired me to help with the move. We worked for weeks downsizing, donating, purging, organizing, packing, tossing and selling a lifetime of the good, the bad and the ugly. They are a great couple to work with – and, we got it done.

Fear and Loathing? The big news was they had to sign up with Comcast for their new digs.

Their new apartment complex in Mill Valley gave them the business card of a Comcast New Account Sales Rep. It was one more call to make to ensure a smooth move.

Loaded for bear, girded loins and all that jazz, I called Sales Rep, Susan Clarke, ordered WIFI and a Basic Cable Plan and in 15 minutes the installation appointment was made, the quote was firm and fair and Susan was a pure delight to work with. Who knew?

Too good to be true?

The Comcast installer was to arrive between 10 am and 12n. Good news: Juan arrived shortly after 10am -went to work and installed the WIFI and set up the TV; he graciously explained the new remote control, reviewed the Internet: password and user name facts. Better News: He was both  professional and pleasant. What a great guy! Gold Stars, Straight A’s for customer service and efficiency.

Best News- We can’t play the Comcast nightmare game.

iNEW_like-you 2

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