Top 10 reasons you need a Personal Assistant

May I help yu?

The Top Ten Reasons

1)  UPS and FedEx have both tried to deliver packages – and failed – and now you have to pick them up.

2)  Your dry cleaners doesn’t deliver and you can’t seem to get there before closing.

3)  Your cupboards (refrigerator, pantry, bar and shelves) are bare.

4)  The Cable Guy can only be there between 10:00 and 10:45- Mondays- every other week, on a full moon &  you are unavailable.

5)  That stack of mail  and the ‘Return to’ packages to go to the post office is staring at you and gathering dust. Tick, tick, tick.

6) The walls need painting and you don’t have time to interview, hire, oversee a workman.

7)   House guests coming and you don’t have the time to prep, shop, decorate, or clean up.

8) You made a shopping list of Things You Need from Costco (Target, Bed Bath Beyond, BevMo, Gumps, Trader Joe’s) and haven’t had a spare minute to go to any of those stores.

9)     You’re busy.

10) You are juggling, hearth, home, career, family and friends and you need an extra set of hands to take over tasks, chores, errands and projects. Call me.


Kerry On: Personal Assistant- Project Manager- Move Manager
Kerry On – Your San Francisco and Marin Assistant –
from  San  Francisco

See: Yelp Reviews: “Kerry On” Personal Assistant


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  1. Ellen says:

    Excellent website!

  2. Pl says:

    Reblogged this on Kerry On Your Personal Assistant and commented:

    Top 10 Reasons? Here is a classic list….

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