Moving? Avoid the classic Comcast nightmare

Exteriour of quirky house with red painted decorations

Chances are – if you are moving – there may be a Nightmare on Comcast Street in your future…

There are enough Comcast criticisms, battles, blitzes,

and atrocities to fill a dozen blogs. 

My clients and I work hard to ensure smooth, well-orchestrated, stress-free moves to a new address. Lists are made, multiple phone calls are made, follow-up confirmations are mailed, more lists, more calls, more successes.

iNEW_like-you 2

I am going to give you The Gift of Information…

Do you have a Comcast Challenge? Have you spent hours on “hold”  and days of frustration and angst? 

photo_4483_20071216.jpgHere is the Comcast Solution:

Send an Email with the following information



Account number

  • Full name
  • Service address
  • Best contact phone number and time to call

A description of the problem: 

 Send the email with with the above information to:

A Comcast Problem Resolution Specialist should contact you to follow up.

photo_1720_20060622Oh! Happy Day ~ Kerry On!

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