My first job in Florida: shocking

I was hired by an entrepreneurial woman to housesit for three days and process orders for her thriving eBay business

I was also scheduled to organize closets, the pantry, and tend to her small jungle of tropical plants.

Her beautiful home in Tampa is located in an elegant development built around the Twin Lakes – two huge lakes are framed by lush foliage and ancient trees dripping with spooky moss.  The water is alive with flocks of waterfowl right out of Audubon magazine. I was dazzled by the Blue Herons, the pelicans and egrets and the daily floorshow of migrating birds.


My first two days I was busy packing, processing and inventorying 50 E-Bay orders and tending her tropical flora. I started on her pantry and linen closet.

Water Foul

Each evening, I make a point of walking for an hour.  On day two, I headed out towards the lakes and noticed a young woman following her off-leash, fluffy, white dog. The Bichon Frise darted in and out of bushes – and peripatetically sniffed along the edge of the lake. I stopped to watch the unbridled joy of the dog.  Then, in a split second, a massive alligator appeared at the water’s edge, opened its maw and bam! The canine disappeared and the alligator slithered back into the dark water. The owner screamed, “Princess!”

The silence was deafening.

The event happened so fast, the owner and I both froze in our tracks – speechless.



The event was so surreal and shocking, neither of us knew what to do. She ran to the water’s edge scanning,  screaming, and crying.

Who are you going to call?

I walked her back towards her house – her boyfriend drove up the street as we approached and she crumpled to the ground crying. I explained to him what had happened and left the two of them.

Ix-nay on walking around the lakes ever again.

Back to Work

The walk in-closets were a joy to organize; her pantry was a mini Williams Sonoma meets Sur Le Tab store- with numerous gadgets and appliances to put away.

The client returned and was delighted with her Ebay progress, closets, cupboards and plants. She wants me back quarterly for a “Touch Up.”

Lesson Learned: So much for thinking lakes in Florida are enchanting.

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