AT&T – a beauty or a beast?

 AT&T – My client called me in to untangle a debacle with her internet provider.

How hard could it be? Her WIFI was slower than molasses in Juneau in December – a quick phone call and c’est fini…oui?

Challenge #1. Ernest was the so-called ATT Tech Specialist. Poor lad, it probably his first day on the job and he was frustrated and confused. We asked to speak to his supervisor after a painful duet-of-dead end ideas.

Although, wait time for the SUPERVISOR would be ten minutes…Ernest said could put us in touch with APPLE care. Apple Care is always a winning concept.

Challenge #2  The called switched over and a rather dull, slow talking, man claiming to be Apple Care  asked for a credit card to bill us $18 for a phone consultation.

As a rule, Apple employees are bright, conversant, smart, friendly and results oriented…this guy was none of those things. Caution! Will Robinson!

Methinks, I smell a scam…

We decided against speaking to the “Apple man” on the phone – and called  “AT&T Second Tier Customer Service”  and got the problem resolved – eventually.  The whole experience gave pause. In speaking to other clients and friends – this AT&T experience is not unique.   Buyer Beware

Curious, we called Apple Care and asked if the initial phone call with the Supposed Apple Care guy was noted or registered. Nope. There was no record of any incoming call / conversation. 

Spelling Game says Help Me


My client – # 2 that day – regaled me with her almost identical AT&T  episode…she gave the supposed Apple employee her credit card number, and he hung up on her and bam! Her WIFI disappeared.

Presto – chango… She quickly cancelled her credit card and reported the event

BUYER beware.   

Hot Tip:  AVOID calling the 800 Number for AT&T…go into an AT&T Store and talk to the real deal – the trained, smart, resourceful AT&T rock stars. The Novato store has  Sonny and Lucio at the bat – two very smart, cordial guys.


 Caveat emptor. 








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