Kerry on – Top 5 Miami Favorite “Get Organized” stores

iNEW_like-you 2Kerry on: Having Spent time In Florida- Here are TOP FIVE  Places: Aventura Area

Downsizing, moving, and just getting organized?  

Here are MY Five Florida  Winners:

1. Ace Hardware in Aventura – tucked away in a mall on Biscayne Boulevard – this perfectly organized, vast emporium of hardware, plus housewares, plus gifts, paint supplies, etc is one of my favorite stores in South Florida.

It’s a classic “if we don’t have it you don’t need that kind of a store.”

The service is top notch, the quality of merchandise is very high, and it’s a pleasure to shop there.   Address: 17811 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, Phone:  (786) 428-0028

2. Bed Bath and Beyond – another classic one-stop shopping experience.  The stores have expanded their merchandise and have a plethora of products we all “just need.”  Staff is very accommodating- and discount coupons come in the mail once a month.

3. US Postal Office Hallandale – The service here is so good you won’t believe it.  Seriously.  On my first visit, I was mailing six packages for a client – I could’ve sworn I was on Candid Camera: agents were polite, efficient, cordial, and the gracious manager was- all of the above.  I love this post office. They have a great selection of all your mailing needs. ‘Going Postal’ takes on a pleasant notion.

4. The Container Store- also known as Mecca- it has everything for everybody’s organizing needs.  You name it they have it. Super staff, easy parking, sales are rare.

5. Home Depot– Many of us avoid this huge ‘box store’ because of the “overwhelm factor.”  Often times they have the best selection in the gardening department, light bulbs, tile, and other extraneous “necessities.  If I can’t find it at Ace Aventura, you’ll find me at Home Depot.imagesKerry On!

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