New Years Resolutions? Get a Personal Assistant – client reviews

2014 – Goal: Everything in its place.


Recent comments from satisfied customers:

***We had bookcases, junk drawers and a storage room filled with “stuff.” It became too much. Kerry On came in and got us organized, in no time. We plan to use Kerry On once a month.  Gary and Joy T.

***Holding down two jobs with two busy kids kept me from organizing files and throwing out old documents, receipts, and statements. Kerry On came over one afternoon and quickly sorted and shredded. I am now renewed and  energized by the lack of clutter.     Thank you!  Donna P.

clean closet

***I needed help taking an inventory of  all the art and stuff I inherited from two elderly aunts in Novato.

Kerry On worked with me to recycle boxes and boxes  glass, paper and fabric. Then we decided to purge the junk, donate the other stuff.  Finally, came the process of making an inventory, taking  photographs, then: measure and evaluate the remainder. She was a godsend!”   Pat S.

photo_22229_20120727En Pointe: Make your New Years Resolutions come true – contact

Ready to  “fling” (toss, donate, purge, recycle)  all those old magazines, files, books, duplicates, and triplicate of  everything?

Kerry On and together  we can create a plan of attack – you’ll be happier for it.


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