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photo_4483_20071216.jpgAre you – up a Creek… without a pen?

Recently, I was hired to be a “Book Doctor” for a client who was writing her memoirs.  Her work of art was a “little too long” and needed some artful “Bridges’ and Deletions.” Her memoirs were to be her tenth book. Her first nonfiction.

We worked for three weeks on the project and voila! the book was “Off the the Publisher.”

penssA new client hired me to write a short biography for the album cover of an impressive new jazz CD he was launching.

In addition, I formatted the copy, researched the various artists, and compiled song titles, times, talent.  It looked great.

photo_1720_20060622Senior Living ~  I was hired to research, tour/inspect four San Francisco Independent Living facilities and report back on my findings. My client is based in NYC and is “planning ahead” for his elderly parents.

I arranged for personal tours at San Franciso’sthe Sequoias, the San Francisco Towers, the Carlisle and Coventry Gardens.

I have myriad contacts, friends and senior acquaintances that shared their candid comments, first hand experiences and insights.    I compiled a very thorough packet of information to FEDEX to my client and   completed the task with a follow up review by phone. 

***Write Off – Neal needed assistance answering the dozens of cards he received after the death of his 95-year -old maiden aunt. He hired me to oversee the purchase of the engraved cards and organize the various lists and address each response/cards.

***The Stagers are Coming – Mrs. D.  Hired me to come in and pack up her kitchen, dining room, and four bedrooms before the stagers came to “prep” her beautiful house on Edgewood Drive – before it went up for sale.

As a Personal Assistant and Project Manager, I thrive on the diversity, variety, and the number of projects I am hired to execute.

May I help you?

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