Getting to the point: getting organized one step at a time

photo_22229_20120727Each Week: you will find me consulting and forecasting with clients.

And then I tackle The To Do List 

Client #1 needed me to call Blue Shield and wait on hold ( record: 38 minutes – lesson learned- never call Blue Shield on a Monday) to rectify an error.

Client #2 has a Condo in Chicago and needed me to hire a property manager. She has piles of mail: documents, junk, personal mail and bills for me to organize.
Each week, I sort through the mail and shred the junk mail and organize each category for her.

Client #3 Was in New York City and needed files from his San Francisco home FedEx-ed to him that afternoon. Done!cropped-photo-dishes.jpg

I may be purging and tossing cupboards, closets, garages  filled with very outdated food stuffs,  ancient linens, wrapping paper from circa 1980 and piles of shoes – never worn or worn way past the expiration date.

Problem Solver: I have years for expertise of dealing successfully with challenging companies for numerous clients ( i.e. ADT, Comcast, Blue Shield, Billing Agencies, Macy’s)



Some clients hire me to do all the  wrapping, buying, mailing or shipping.

I’ve been responsible for collating huge legal projects, organizing small events for a client  in Burlingame and  labeling, photographing an extensive art collections in Sausalito.

Frequently, I am involved in creating inventory lists, picking up, dropping off, or de-cluttering closets , garages, cabinets and  cupboards.

I have been responsible for purchasing the contents of entire pantries and linen closets.

What is on your ‘To Do” list?


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