Kerry On – Personal Assistant and Project Manager

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Kerry On

25 years experience as a San Francisco professional organizer, project manager, and operations/logistics specialist.

Working with individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, homeowners, retirees and busy professionals.

Experience as a project manager, organizer, book editor, personal shopper, downsizing and moving specialist and Empty Nest Expert.

Experience in local site inspections and research; interfacing with specialists in Estate management as well as individuals, families, small companies and start-ups.


Extensive experience in home/office organizing, and project management; working with myriad clients including new parents, retirees, professionals and entrepreneurs to assist in making lives happier, cleaner, less cluttered and far more effective.

Diamond Certified – See ”Kerry On Comments’  Back Cover of your copy of  ‘Diamond Certified Directory’

YELP – See ‘Kerry On’ reviews

Please contact:

KGO RADIO 810 AM- San Francisco – Hear my Diamond Certified comments

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Kerry On

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Tidying Up – one room at a time


On a Whim – On a Lark – They bought The Book.

Fifteen of my clients bought the little, best-selling Magic Tiding Up Book. You know the one.

This time next year, the book will be relegated to donations to Goodwill and libraries.

Its a great little book! Chockfull of suggestions for more joy and less clutter.


My favorite takeaway?

(No, don’t kiss your socks, don’t stockpile Q-tips or Toilet Paper.)

The best Kondo advice: Discard First – Organize Later.

This concept not Japanese or Irish or even Paleo – it’s logical and quicker and smarter.



Toss It, Donate it, Purge and Organize Later.


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May I help you – Kerry On

Kerry On – Your Personal Assistant – May I help you with:

· Coordinate and Oversee Household Improvements– interface with suppliers
· Repair and Maintenance Service (arranging service, getting quotes, allowing access)
· Errand Service (dry cleaning, post office, banking, pharmacy, delivery, etc.)
· Dining and Activities (tickets, reservations, tee times, private tours)
· Executive and Corporate Assistance (planning meetings, transporting clients, organizational services)
· House-sitting Service (plants and garden, fill refrigerator for arrival, check on home)
· Office Help (filing, organizing, copying, shredding
· Planning Dinner Parties and Other Events (invitations, food and drink, decorating, music/entertainment)
· Relocation Service (evaluating homes and rentals, moving and storage arrangements, settling-in services)
· Shopping Service (groceries, gifts, gift-wrapping, item returns)
· Transportation Service (airport, within the city)
· Travel Service (planning and booking)
· Writing/Proofreading Service
· Other Services (meal service, reminder service, handling mini-emergencies, etc.)

imagesKerry On!

Please contact me


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Got clutter? There is no magic…


Good News – Bad News:

There is no such thing as a Magic Wand to remove clutter…

The Good News:

I can help you toss, shred, organize, alphabetize, de-clutter and organize receipts, files and mild chaos.

Allow me – to  assist you in de-cluttering, organizing, purging, tossing, and shredding…

Janice hired me to work with her elderly parents. They had rooms and rooms filled  with items that  needed to be repaired, donated, thrown away, put in the proper place…


An affable couple, Tillie and Michael, agreed they no longer needed those 12  old jig saw puzzles, 20 ‘0dd’  sets of playing cards, coloring books and crayons for  the grandkids –  who were now in college.

It’s in the Bag    We filled up bags of junk  to toss or recycle …and bags of  toys in good shape  to be donated. Next, we sorted though dozens of old movies, cassettes, and duplicate CD’s. We agreed: there are only so many Frank Sinatra ” I Did it My Way” CD’s one can listen to.

Too Much Stuff Syndrome?  They had multiple bookshelves crammed with books and old magazines – in no time the books were sorted and organized -dog-eared magazines were recycled … giving the living room a great face lift.

(Boxes of old National Geograhics were put on Craigslist for free – and disappeared.)

Tillie has booked me to visit – twice a week – for the next two months. It’s a date!

We are working magic: clutter is  disappearing!

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Independent Living: Research and Assistance

Spelling Game tiles spell out Help Me

Spelling Game tiles spell out Help Me

Senior Living- new chapters

Helene and Randy Live in New York City. She contacted me to say her elderly parents live in San Francisco and their home was too much to handle. They needed assistance looking for an Independent Living situation.

 Helene hired me to research, tour/inspect four San Francisco Independent Living facilities and report back on my findings. She lives in Manhattan – only comes to the City a few times a year- and is “planning ahead” for her parents. A very good idea.

Touring the Properties

I arranged for Site Inspections at the Sequoias, the San Francisco Towers, the Carlisle and Coventry Gardens. During the tours of the properties I took notes and numerous pictures. I gathered all necessary brochures, floor plans, documents and handouts. I spoke to contacts and friends who shared their candid comments and assessments of each facility.

Reporting Back

I was able to compile a very thorough packet of information with commentary, analysis and brochures to FEDEX to the client. We later spoke and reviewed all by phone. Armed with volumes of information and observations – Helene felt more confident and sure of her upcoming assistance.

clean closet

Another Senior Citizen Client –

…Had to downsize from a three bedroom home to a lovely carriage house. She needed help sorting through decades of papers, books, and records.

She also needed to advise all of her suppliers of her new address, renew professional licenses, and have multiple documents organized and filed.

Organizing cupboards, shelves, closets, the storage area, as well as purging, donating and delivering items were all aspects of the job.

Careful planning, great resources, and we got the job done – with speed, humor and success!

~~May I help you? Kerry on!
~~See Me in the DIAMOND CERTIFIED Directory – Back Page
~~Please See my reviews on YELP
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Do you have time? Home Office Help: Kerry On

I’ve go the time…

Kerry On Your Personal Assistant

Time for help?


Whether you have Empty Nest or a Full Garage – I can help.

Details and deadlines are my strong suit. Having been a homeowner, meeting planner and Personal Assistant in San Francisco, Marin County, and now the East Bay, for 25+ years has provided the necessary training, expertise, and knowledge to be a capable and respected project manager and personal assistant.

I love what I do and I am a uniquely talented.

Kerry on ~ so you can carry on


Contact me:

“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”
                                                     Steve Jobs

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Too busy for words? Kerry on – help in your home and office

Snappy solutions to age old challenges…Kerry On!

Kerry On Your Personal Assistant


John K, a busy executive, works from home.

He used to call his office the “The Everglades – because he was swamped.”

On our first meeting, we walked through his home and he pointed out his  “Top 10: this drives me crazy” areas and highlighted potential projects. His closets really stumped him – he had no idea how to organize slacks, jeans, khakis, and hiking pants.

mens-shoes-875947__180We met a week later, I came with 3 dozen, slim-line, felt hangers and attacked his closets. Within hours, his shirts were organized by style, color and season. All pants hung properly and organized by style, color and category. 


We went from Chaos to Order

He identified various items to be “donated,” -I inventoried all items for tax purposes, dropped donations off and submitted the receipt to John.

  1. Monday: the linen closet and cupboards.

2. Tuesday:  John has an itemized Christmas shopping list and LPH on Sacramento St is the…

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My Top Five “Best Customer Service”


 If you are like me, Customer Service is of the utmost importance.

This month, I worked with Five Super/Stellar Suppliers who have very high standards and went beyond the call of duty. I am a fan.

My March 2016 Top Five Favorite Suppliers:

  1. Aby’s Upholstery -Two different San Jose clients needed furniture re-upholstered. I looked at the usual suspects and was unimpressed.  Then, I  found Aby’s Upholstery. An owner/operator, Santa Clara University grad, she was smart, polite and professional on the phone. She had a ton of 5-Star Yelp reviews. We met with her, selected the fabric and were “wowed” by her insights and ideas. Her team is quick, gracious and helpful.  Both clients were ‘over the moon’ impressed.     A locally owned retailer providing residential, commercial & automotive upholstery & repair services. Address: 1610 Monterey Hwy, San Jose, CA 95112 (408) 289-8887
  2. 1-800-Got- Junk – One of my favorite phone calls to make for a client. Whether the client is moving from their home of 50 years or 5 years- there is generally a lot of rubbish, litter, debris and junk to deal with. The 1-8oo-Got Junk Phone Team is so well-trained, patient and results oriented –  it is a pleasure to speak with them. There are no “Dumb or Inane Questions.” What there is are solutions and a team to come pick up said debris and whisk it way. Gold Stars for Customer Service.
  3. Fresh Air JanitorialServing San Francisco Bay Area -Alicia and her team cleaned a vast home which was recently sold. My clients wanted their home to be impeccable for the new owners. As a result of Fresh Air Janitorial -the house sparkles! I have never seen such attention to detail. They are high level cleaning professionals. As a rule, I seek out top of the line suppliers for my clients. Alicia is on my Top 5 List. Great rates. (650) 355-5158
  4. Mulugani Tires in Mill Valley Clients have me take cars in for service / new tires and I never hesitate to suggest Mulugani Tires in Marin. A family-owned business and has been around for 68 years; the staff is polite, calm, friendly and professional. It is the polar  opposite ever other tire center I have ever visited. Promotions and discounts and superb service.
  5. Auto 280 – 1315 Ocean Ave, San Francisco (415) 333-8622: Volvos Only. I have been a huge fan of Gary and Auto 280 for decades. He is very smart, cordial, and cost effective. He has been in business for over 30 years and is the best Volvo Specialist there is. He is also a great guy.lifesaver-933560__

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”   Douglas Adams

Kerry On!


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The Best of Everything? Kerry on!

My clients want to know about The Best – whether it is the best painter, electrician, Cleaners, Volvo Repair, doctors, taxi service, limos service, moving company, consignment store, package shipper, barber, hairdresser….


Just ran across this great article New York Times on smart phone batteries – and more. It is a “The Best of Everything List”

Bitty See:

and, I  thought you might like the BEST OF Everything List



See My Top 10 Marin Suppliers: HERE

unnamed-3 copy 2

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Kerry on – Satisfied clients weigh in


…Kerry On was very professional, patient, and nonjudgmental toward what could have been a pretty humiliating experience.

I have been using my living & dining room as a office space and the clutter was just getting too much. Every time I tried to organize it myself, it was just a hassle. She easily and patiently helped me organize my living room and dining room areas in less than 3 hours. I can now again entertain in my home…I am now officially de-cluttered, at least for this month.

Kerry On’s expertise helped me get organized and “zoned” my kitchen so I prep, cook and and enjoy my guests without colliding.

I would highly recommend all of her organizing services.

Michael – San Francisco

clean closet

Ordinarily, I am a very organized individual. But, events combined with a home refurbishing/redecorating project I became extremely overwhelmed.

After extensive research, I contacted Kerry.

Kerry has a calm, soothing, non-judgmental demeanor. When she leaves after a few hours work, I marvel at our progress. And, she inspires me to continue on with the work started!

MFG Mill Valley


Just love Kerry! I gave her services as a gift to some dear friends who were in dire need of some organization in their home office. In short order, Kerry dealt with the piles and piles of receipts and paper to be filed in an efficient manner, all at a very reasonable price.

I highly recommend her vast array of services and she is wonderful to work with. Straightforward communication is oh-so helpful and necessary and she really is a straight-shooter.

Want to give someone special…or your boss….or just some random stranger on the street (well maybe not the random stranger) a unique gift? Then I encourage you to contact Kerry for a gift certificate so she can help bring order back to that special someones’ life through her many,many talents.

Wm B. – San Francisco.Marin

Blank white sandwich board on a city sidewalk

unnamed-3 copy 2 May I help you?


Pat on the Back

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Too many family photos, scrapbooks, slides? Need a solution?


Allow me to introduce you to ScanCafe, The Perfect Solution for your collections of too many slides, photographs, scrapbooks.


Kerry On: The Perfect Solution: ScanCafe

 The 6 Simple Steps to having all your photos scanned- saved and on a CD!

The ScanCafe 6-steps to success:

1. You Place an Order

2. You Ship to ScanCafe

3. They Scan ( photos, slides, scrapbooks, etc)

4. You Review – online and voila!

5. ScanCafe Ships the CD’s and originals to You

6. You Enjoy & Share

iNEW_like-you 2

 Kerry On FACT:  I enjoyed Great Customer service with the help of Jennifer at the ScanCafe Help Desk in Hayward. My client has hundreds of photographs to scan – we sent 100 photographs in- to test the process- and he was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of ScanCafe. Now, for the next few hundred photographs…and then, the slides.

Kerry On! Your Personal Assistant

in San Francisco, Marin County and San Jose


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