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Kerry On

25 years experience as a San Francisco professional organizer, project manager, and operations/logistics specialist.

Working with individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, homeowners, retirees and busy professionals.

Experience as a project manager, organizer, book editor, personal shopper, downsizing and moving specialist and Empty Nest Expert.

Experience in local site inspections and research; interfacing with specialists in Estate management as well as individuals, families, small companies and start-ups.


Extensive experience in home/office organizing, and project management; working with myriad clients including new parents, retirees, professionals and entrepreneurs to assist in making lives happier, cleaner, less cluttered and far more effective.

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Let It Go – the art of decluttering and creating space – a celebration!

Want to delete the clutter?


Are you ready, willing, and able to

 purge-toss-donate-re-cycle or re-gift


Let it Go?

The delightful, new best-seller, the life-changing magic of tidying up                           is a quick read and filled with cute, smart, quirky and very effective organizing tips.unnamed-5

A great way to start your New Year’s Resolution to “De-Clutter”                              is Discard first and Organize Later.

 Dishes-060photo_3166_20070904photo_8828_20090101Too much stuff? Do you have duplicates and triplicates and redundant items inhaling precious space in you home or office?

Let it Go!

I can help you to de-clutter and downsize.

Contact me to Kerry On

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Balloons in Sky

Let there be light – and space- and everything in it’s place.

As serious as a Heart Attack? You betcha!


Ya Gotta Have Heart!

Rosie O’Donnell has a new HBO Special About Women and Heart Attacks.

Yes, she is very funny and there was nothing funny about her recent heart attack or about the ‘Top Four Signs You Are Having a Heart Attack, Lady!’

cupcakesLady-like Symptoms?

Unlike your father, brother, uncle, husband, son – women “Present” differently. Our heart attacks aren’t the clutch your chest style. We’re different.

If you feel clammy and hot, experience extreme pain and discomfort (around your jaw, neck, mouth…) and become nauseous and are very, very, tired – your body is screaming: Call 911! Now!

unnamed-8Chew on an Aspirin…

Is there aspirin in your medicine cabinet? Bravo! Is there a small container of aspirin in your purse? in your desk at work? in your car? at your paramour’s casa?

unnamed-7 Target sells Generic Aspirin – in a handy 3-small-bottles in a box for $6++-                 Check out Walgreens, Longs, CVS, Lucky, Publix, Safeway…

Lady! Save a Life – Yours.

Remember – Buy Aspirin ( No, not Alleve or Advil, etc)

If you Feel Hot and simply Exhausted, and have Pain and are Nauseous- Call 911.

Girls: We are Unique. Be aware of the SIGNS







ASPIRIN: Why It Is Used
For people who are having a heart attack. You can take aspirin to help you during a heart attack. After you call 911 or other emergency services, the operator may tell you to chew 1 adult-strength or 2 to 4 low-dose aspirin. Or you might be given aspirin in the ambulance or emergency room. Aspirin slows blood clotting. So a blood clot that is causing the heart attack stays smaller.   WEDMD



Hot tip: How to talk to a human being – not a machine

Need a personal shopper? ~An Apple a Day~If you are like me….and loathe the rings-of-hell you experiences with        Customer Service calls


to find the direct corporate phone numbers and skip the inane, on-hold-forever middleman:

Like Eve, I fell for Apple… and AT&T – the snake- is sssseething…

Like Eve, I fell in love with Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod…I drank the kool-aid.)     AT&T, my carrier,  (the snake) is very mad.  AT&T punishes customers who shop at the Apple Store. Who knew?

AT&T says: Don’t you dare buy an iPhone at the Apple Store.                                  Or,  I’ll get you, my pretty!

AT&T actually calls your iPhone purchase at Apple a “Buyers Remorse” event. As in, “If you shop at the Apple store and we will raise your bill…”


Talk to a Human at AT&T….use You will thank me.

Simple Solutions – my goal.

AT&T remains seething…..


Her boyfriend’s apartment needed a Face-lift: done!


shirts-messy__180Stan is a busy bachelor who never had time to clean up, tidy up

or get up and clean out his closets, cupboards or drawers.

Tini, his girl friend, hired me to help Stan tackle two of his “very full,” not-too-tidy- over-flowing closets.

Agreeable, results-orients and happy to finally de-clutter : 

Stan and I cleaned out two huge closets in four hours. Years of older-in great shape-Camping gear was donated to a local Boy Scout Troop.

Stan had two nephews who inherited old golf clubs, perfectly good  tennis rackets (and six cans of new tennis balls) a badminton set – still in the box, and everything – but the table- for table tennis. Progress.

In that short while we re-configured his closet – liberated a lot of space and transferred his Sports /Ski/ Hiking jackets to the front of the closet – great visibility and access. Stan is a happy camper and a new monthly client.

 Next? The Back Porch….May I help yu?Contact KERRY ON if you need help with cupboards, closets, garages, drawers, shelves, clutter…

50 Shades of White

50 Shades of White: Easy Organizing Tips for your Closet

Organizing your Closet – one hanger at a time. Staring with White Shirts, blouses, tops…

 #1. White Dress Shirts/Blouses  Note: There are nearly 20 shades of white –    here are the Top 12 Shades of White

  1. Old lace
  2. Cream
  3. Beige
  4. Linen
  5. Antique white
  6. Champagne
  7. Eggshell
  8. Dutch white
  9. Bone
  10. Vanilla
  11. Flax
  12. Navajo white

Step One: Organize similar shirts/blouses by Color: Gather all your long sleeve solid color White/Ecru/Tan Shirts and sort by shade. Next, sort all Shades of White Short Sleeved shirts/blouses.

Step Two: Organize all your dress shirts by color (defer to ROYGBIV: red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo and violet or by pastels… your wardrobe will speak to you) Then, again, sort by sleeve length. 

Step Three: : Organizing your Casual shirts, Jerseys, T-shirts, Tank Tops, Polo shirts, Plaid Flannels, Hawaiian Shirts, Camisoles. Tackle one category at at time. Some T-shirts are good on a hanger – others should be folded and organized by color and placed in a drawer. Camisoles should folded and placed in your lingerie drawer(s).


Costco Sells Those Wonderful Velvet Hangers:

The Domani Box of 100 Black Flocked Space-Saving Hangers will bring more room and order to your closet. These heavy-duty hangers are velvety soft to the touch and will keep you clothes from slipping off onto the floor. The hangers will not leave indents in your sweaters or fine fabrics. Each hanger is 1/4″ wide. Hangers can hold all garments from camisoles to coats.

  • Color: Black Slim line, saving-space hangers
    Flocking finish prevents garments from slipping off hanger
    Extra strong hangers hold up to 20lbs
  • chaos-391652_chaos_
  • You can do this! Feeling daunted? Contact me:

She was right: “No wire hangers!”

closet-hangers beige multiple

Mommie Dearest was right about Your Closet: No Wire Hangers

Return them to the dry cleaners, recycle them or donate them.

Costco, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond all sell the sturdy lightweight hangers pictured above. Buy a few dozen hangers and transfer all your clothing from the wire hangers, the odd wooden hangers, and the tubular hangers in every color to your new, sleek, matching hangers.

Simple Solution and what a tremendous improvement!





How To Clean Out Your Closet – a New Year’s Resolution, right?

Organizing a Closet- One Hanger at a Time

closet-hangers beige multiple

The Most Important, First Step in Organizing Any Closet:

#1.Take everything out of your closet. Everything.

( Is there a family of furry dust bunnies living in your closet? Do a quick vacuum job)

#2. The Toss-Discard-Purge-Donate Collection: Examine each item and decide whether to: Toss or Keep? If it is too small, too large, too old, too worn and torn, too out of style, too “Not You, – do not hesitate to donate it. If the garment is Consignment Calibre – put it in an area of the room with a Label: Consignment. Every item is scrutinized and is a Keeper or a Toss.

Tomorrow: The NEXT BIG Step

Spelling Game says Help Me

My millennial – busy, SF, 20-something – will Kerry On

imagesKerry On!

My millennial – like two ships passing in the night – we rarely see one another – and his house is in order. Perfect pairing.

 This month, my most interesting client is a busy, 20-something, very wealthy, man who can’t do his laundry.

Nor can he pick his clothes up off the floor; organize his refrigerator, pantry or closets. He cannot be present to receive the gardener, the maid, or receive special deliveries. His cupboards and pantry are as bare as old Mother Hubbard’s. I have been happy to stock the refrigerator and cupboard shelves with healthy, food, as needed.

Client X readily admits that he is “not that tidy” and asked me to organize his closets. All of them.

Mr. Chill Stich

He has a couple dozen pair of jeans -all skinny- the man does not eat.  You’ll find no Levi’s here – only designer labels like Armani, Fendi, Yves Sans Laurent. There’s a sign in his closet that says “mr. chill stitch.”

He has a smattering of jackets and shirts from Fendi and Armani and a few pair of Prada hi-tops, Prada loafers, four pair of identical white leather shoes (the tag reads: Common Project $400)

 He defers to hoodies – and the black” I Want More” must be his favorite – he has three copies of the same garment. He has total of 12 hoodies.

 I thought the brand was “Acme”- and actually the label says ACNE – something all teens avoid like the plague – is now a favorite label … Go figure.

 He is under 30

There is a silver Ferrari parked in the garage. He asked me to drive it to the dealer- something about the overhead light- I contacted the dealer and they came to  ‘us’ to do the repair.   Now, that’s service!

I sort his mail

It is a landslide of high-end catalogs-a flood of large, thick, creamy-colored envelopes with his name calligraphered from various San Francisco social organizations, (Spinsters, The Guardsmen, ) obscure charities and multiple bank credit cards offers.

 I can wait: Deliveries

Last week I witnessed several paintings, delivered and hung by the gallery. The small bevy of in-house gardeners came with sprays and manicure scissors and attended to his plants under my visage. They are like like a religious cult- no talking- each of them takes a quadrant of the house, attends to the plants and they are done within 20 minutes- they walk out single file without saying a word. I always say, “Goodbye! Thank you! Have a nice day!” They nod, like monks.

 He a great client.

His house is in a very popular section of San Francisco-  for his weekend use. And for parties. He leaves me a Monday morning To Do List. I complete the list. I text him my invoice. And I am paid promptly.

 He pays on time and is a gracious tipper.

He is moving to New York for six months. I will wait for his return.


All person, places, things have been scrambled and changed to protect the integrity. Mine.

 Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation

What to Do with all those old art supplies and stuff

paper_Paper, Scissors…Paint

Happy New Year. If you have begun to clean out junk drawers closets, cupboards, bins, boxes and the storage unit and the garage…and have hit the wall… Kerry on IMG_1826

Call me and we can work as a team and Organize and Down Size 

your “Too Manys”

 A wonderful company, SCRAP in San Francisco collects:

Art supplies (markers, paints, brushes, stamps, canvas, papers)
• Paper (leftover letterhead, trimmed edges, mat board, foam core)
• Textiles (fabric, yarn, samples, millends, patterns)
• Signage and promotional items (used banners, foam core, flags, products)
• Buttons, beads, wire and notions
• Natural materials (feathers, pinecones, candles, wax)

And, more! Much more. Let’s talk.

SCRAP Mission Statement:  “SCRAP’s mission is to stimulate creativity and environmental awareness in children and adults through promoting the creative reuse of materials that traditionally have been discarded as waste.”

Kerry On – I specialize in clearing clutter, downsizing and streamlining.

Experience in logistics, planning, organizing.

Happy to Help with your New Year’s Resolutions.

San Francisco and Marin County

and now, in Piedmont.

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