Kerry On – Personal Assistant and Project Manager

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Kerry On

25 years experience as a San Francisco professional organizer, project manager, and operations/logistics specialist.

Working with individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, homeowners, retirees and busy professionals.

Experience as a project manager, organizer, book editor, personal shopper, downsizing and moving specialist and Empty Nest Expert.

Experience in local site inspections and research; interfacing with specialists in Estate management as well as individuals, families, small companies and start-ups.


Extensive experience in home/office organizing, and project management; working with myriad clients including new parents, retirees, professionals and entrepreneurs to assist in making lives happier, cleaner, less cluttered and far more effective.

Diamond Certified – See ”Kerry On Comments’  Back Cover of your copy of  ‘Diamond Certified Directory’

YELP – See ‘Kerry On’ reviews

Please contact:

KGO RADIO 810 AM- San Francisco – Hear my Diamond Certified comments

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Kerry On and remain calm…

Kerry On: So you can carry on

A Personal Assistant, Move Manager and Project Manager who saves you time and money by efficiently taking over your “To Do List” and getting it done.

Projects of Various Size and Scope:I have moved families from apartments into new homes and helped couples downsize from spacious homes to much smaller spaces in retirement communities. I’ve researched Property managers in Chicago, car insurance companies, tailors, and shopped, decorated, delivered and inventoried wine cellars, impressive art collections and organized numerous garages, kitchens, cabinets and closets.

I have saved the day: I delivered passports to a client- pre boarding- at SFO and have secured visas at various consulates. I’ve worked with clients to organize, purge, shred, donate, pack up and unpack.

I can interface and run interference with your suppliers, workers, and contractors. I’ve worked with a wide range of handymen, painters, carpenters and electricians. I can arrange for and oversee home repairs and assist with your projects.

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Oakland Bridges Falling Down: Saturday 9 AM

The Oakland Bay Bridge Opened Nov 12 1936

  • The Bridge is 8.25 miles long and incorporates several styles of architecture.
  • Architects: Purcell and John J.Donovan
  • See Bay Bridge Information   HERE
  • See Bay Bridge History Information   HERE 
  • The Old Structure is slated to implode at 0900  Saturday, November 14th, 2015
  • The structure is the equivalent of a Five Story Building

Meet for Coffee at the Farmer’s Market- and Look Out!rocket-979271_640

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More: Yelp Reviews – Kerry on Personal Assistant

pen-581881__180Kerry On ~ More Yelp Reviews ~ hidden in the Yelp Basement

Michael R. Brisbane, CA Writes:

Kerry On was very professional, patient, and nonjudgmental toward what could have been a pretty humiliating experience.

I have been using my living & dining room as a office space and the clutter was just getting too much. Every time I tried to organize it myself, it was just a hassle. She easily and patiently helped me organize my living room and dining room areas in less than 3 hours.

I can now again entertain in my home. I have my entire upstairs area free from clutter. I can actually see the top of my office desk area. I really enjoy my new environment . I am now officially de-cluttered, at least for this month.

In years past, I entertained a lot and my kitchen / dining area was small and intimate. Kerry On’s expertise helped me get organized and “zoned” my kitchen so I prep, cook and and enjoy my guests without colliding.

I would highly recommend all of her organizing services.

PS: I can’t wait to start my next project, the “Lost Guest Bedroom”.

clean closet

I asked a young, hip, client if he “Yelped”

and his lightening quick response was

“Only if I  am pinched!”

imagesKerry On!

We moved and used Kerry On services in the weeks before the big day to organize, pack purge, and bring sanity to our lives. She is energetic, honest and dependable. Now, when we travel she collects our mail, stocks our refrigerator, feeds the birds, and brings in the newspapers.
We use her to interface with our computer guru.. and oversee workmen –
We run a small business from home and she assists us in errands, mailings, phone calls.


Time To Contact Kerry On

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What to do with all those CD’s? Get “Ready to Play” and Kerry On


Kerry On: Organizing Tip

Originally posted on Kerry On Your Personal Assistant:


Many of my clients have mountains of CD’s – taking up valuable space- What to do?

Get: Ready to Play 

The Perfect Solution in The Bay Area is to call Jeff at Ready to Play in Palo Alto             (next to Fry’s)

ReadyToPlay provides the best in class for cd ripping services: equipment, software technologies, metadata and personnel. We bring out the most in your CD collection – sound quality, album art & organization.

I delivered 325 of my client’s very favorite music CD’s to Jeff at Ready to Play and in a couple of days – he ripped all of them to the PERFECT Solution.

Jeff is very smart, efficient and great to work with...  I let all my clients, who have mountains, hills, piles, collections, closets and boxes filled with CD’s to think about reducing the collection ( aka clutter) with one quick trip to Ready to Play.


View original 5 more words

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Another Happy Yelp Review

Blank white sandwich board on a city sidewalk

As a rule, my clients generally are not “Yelpers.”

I am very often referred from one client to another…

However, every once in awhile a client will tell me “I am going to Yelp you!”

Here is a recent  Yelp review:


Our elderly aunt recently closed her home in Piedmont and moved to a Senior Residence. Decades of memories and belongings needed to be sorted, organized and packed, and shipped up. Kerry On- referred by two neighbors – arrived and within two weeks – she saved the day. She is is fast, smart and funny. Our family loved the calm she brought to the project. She is connected. The Best.

iNEW_like-you 2

Thank you!

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Got Clutter and Piles of Stuff of Orwellian proportions?


If you are besieged by cluttered cupboards, mountains of magazines, drawers stuffed with “stuff” you don’t know what to do with – contact me.

Kerry On – we can take a look at your  “To Do List” and “Challenges” and come up with a comfortable and efficient way to make your home less 1984  and more comfortable.

All it takes is time and talent. I have both! Please contact me

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Spelling Game tiles spell out Help Me

Kerry On – Your Personal Assistant

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.”

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Top 10 Most Stressful Life Events? De-stress and Kerry on


The Top 10 most stressful events in a lifetime:

 1. Death / Illness
2. Debt
3. Divorce
4. Dismissal from Job
5. Relationship Breakup
6. Holidays
7. Moving – selling a house/ buying a house
8. Moving – Finding a new place to live: packing, planning, plotting, locating a reputable mover, getting three bids from reputable movers, arranging for cars to be moved cross-country, packing more, attending going away parties, downsizing, purging, donating, gifting, organizing, distributing, creating EBAY and Craigslist ads for multiple treasures and selling multiple treasures, delivering additional items to consignment store, more donations, doing one last garage sale, getting more boxes, packing, scheduling…
9. Moving Day
10. Un-packing Week

imagesKerry On!

I can help.

 Please Contact me:

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Kerry On – Your Personal Assistant

  • cropped-ggb_378_20051108.jpg
  • Kerry K. Daly
  • Your Professional Assistant
  • Kerry on Personal Assistance
  • Serving San Francisco, Marin and San Jose
  • Tel: 415-845-5102 Email:
  • Kerry K. Daly, Professional Organizer, is the owner of Kerry On Personal Assistance and provides organizational services to individuals, small business owners, and residential clients in San Francisco, Marin County and San Jose.
  • unnamed-3 copy 2
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Oh! Can you use a little help this holiday season?!


The “happy” holidays are upon us ~

may I help you?

Shopping…decorating…organizing…wrapping and mailing and delivering…

Kerry On Research Projects:

I am both Punctual and “Punctuation Conscious” – allow me to assist you with “Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s” 


Kerry On! 

On the Dot:

Details and deadlines are my strong suit. Having been a homeowner, meeting planner and Personal Assistant in San Francisco, Marin County, and now San Jose for 25+ years, has provided the necessary training, expertise, and knowledge to be a capable and respected Project Manager and Personal Assistant.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “By the Dots.”

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California Dreaming – Mornings in Marin County


A quick jaunt over the Golden Gate Bridge with  wispy fog clogging the sky. Within mere minutes- the sky turns the color of  raspberry sherbet…with a dazzling dash of lemon.

The Sun Ball – rising in the sky and San Francisco Bay is all  shimmering sparkling.

This is the spectacular the view from my client’s living room.

Two ivory Paddle boards await us under the dock.

And so it begins!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Extra)ordinary.”

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