Kerry On – Personal Assistant and Project Manager

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Kerry On

25 years experience as a San Francisco professional organizer, project manager, and operations/logistics specialist.

Working with individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, homeowners, retirees and busy professionals.

Experience as a project manager, organizer, book editor, personal shopper, downsizing  moving specialist and Empty Nest Expert.

Experience in local site inspections and research; interfacing with specialists in Estate management as well as individuals, families, small companies and start-ups.


Extensive experience in home/office organizing, and project management; working with myriad clients including new parents, retirees/Seniors Planning a Move,  professionals and entrepreneurs to assist in making lives happier, cleaner, less cluttered and far more effective.

Diamond Certified – See ”Kerry On Comments’  Back Cover of your copy of  ‘Diamond Certified Directory’

YELP – See ‘Kerry On’ reviews

Please contact:

KGO RADIO 810 AM- San Francisco – Hear my Diamond Certified comments


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Blank white sandwich board on a city sidewalk

Kerry On

unnamed-3 copy 2 Please feel free to contact me:

  • Free 30-minute consultation within 30 mile radius

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Kerry On – I Can Save You Time and Timing is Everything

Timing is everything…

Kerry On Your Personal Assistant

Mr and Mrs A. called me to drive them to the Oakland airport for an unexpected trip East.

They prefer me to drive them in their car and to leave the car at his office in the City.

While they were gone they asked me to:

  • Bring in the newspapers
  • Check the mail and sort
  • Email them daily with any/all news of projects underway:
  • Contact and interface with the computer guru. The Mac was on the fritz- again.
  • Oversee Workmen – who were repainting the downstairs Powder room – for two days.

In addition, the gardener would be installing a drought resistant area in the backyard and needed to be monitored ~according to “notes”.

She runs a Rare Books business from her home and she needed nine books carefully wrapped, insured, mailed and tracked.

The last two things on “THE LIST” were to get a ‘ding’ in her windshield…

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Kerry On – Satisfied clients weigh in

May I help you?

Kerry On Your Personal Assistant


…Kerry On was very professional, patient, and nonjudgmental toward what could have been a pretty humiliating experience.

I have been using my living & dining room as a office space and the clutter was just getting too much. Every time I tried to organize it myself, it was just a hassle. She easily and patiently helped me organize my living room and dining room areas in less than 3 hours. I can now again entertain in my home…I am now officially de-cluttered, at least for this month.

Kerry On’s expertise helped me get organized and “zoned” my kitchen so I prep, cook and and enjoy my guests without colliding.

I would highly recommend all of her organizing services.

Michael – San Francisco

clean closet

Ordinarily, I am a very organized individual. But, events combined with a home refurbishing/redecorating project I became extremely overwhelmed.

After extensive research, I contacted Kerry.

Kerry has a…

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Going to NYC? Five Tips to Avoid Scams

You are on Your Way to The Big Apple


You are on your way to New York City! Have fun and be careful. Here are Five Tips to help you navigate the mean streets of  New York New York


Do Not Touch: Look out for The Man with a CD to hand you. Beware – be a little scared. He aggressively – tries to hand you a CD. Clams he’s a trying to get famous. Then, Bam!  He insists you pay for the CD. Think: pushy aggressive.  Do not touch the CD – No eye contact. Walk away.

Beware the fake Help the Homeless Tables  at Times Square. These phony guys beg for money with a clear plastic box. Walk away. Do not look. They are Liars, liars with pants on fire. They keep all the cash.

Bump Bump and you are the Chump?    Beware the dramatic You-Broke-My-Eyeglasses scam.  These thieves are first class scammers who bump into YOU!  Acting, they pretend to drop something, and claim YOU broke their eyeglasses, or some “breakable”and very  precious item a paper bag. Bam! They want immediate payment. Aggressive and loud they travel in teams – and they yell and call you a Racist!    Run, run, as fast as you can these scammers are jerks and aggressive.

Beware fake tickets to the Statue of Liberty, Broadway shows, and various other attractions. Crooks even sell the FREE tickets to the Staten Island Ferry.                              Note: Empire State Bldg. tix are cheaper inside!

Don’t Monkey Around with Monks…there are these Asian men pretending to be Holy Monks who rapidly approach you – to force a little lapel pin on you – and then! Holy Money! – they demand cash! Remember: No eye contact. Walk briskly away from faux Monk-eys.

Have a Safe trip. Beware and Take Care.





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Hot Tip for everyone who carries a purse, handbag, backpack…



Several of my clients have huge, cavernous hand-bags

and can’t find their black wallet, cosmetic case…black iPhone  

or mole-skin journal in the depths of  their purses…

A Great Solution?

Try: Nathan’s Cycling Stick Ons – sheet with  60 different   vibrant glow in the dark – reflective press-ons…

These little items are great to apply to your wallet, cell phone, pens, combs… and everything hiding deep in the recesses of your purse, hand bag, or back pack.

PLUS:  Use Extra stickers to apply to your running shoes,  a dog  leash, dog collar, lipstick case, cell phone, your hat….the only limit is your imagination!

YEs, this is A Good Reflection on You.

  • Nathan’s Cycling Stick-ons
  • Available at REI
  • $10.00
  • A real deal and you will be “enlightened!”
  • Kerry On!
  • imagesKerry On!
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The Best of Peter Walsh – Oprah’s Organizer

Oprah’s Organizing Guru, Peter Walsh, posted

these brilliant organizing tips : 

#1. Stop putting it off.  You have to stop using the word “later,” as in “”I’ll do that later” or “I’ll put that away later.” Clutter is decisions delayed, so the moment you use the word “later,” you start letting clutter accumulate. No more procrastination.

#2. Start small.    Aim to clear one box of clutter a day. Or set a timer for 10 minutes and only do that amount of time.

#3. It’s time to get real with your adult kids.   If your kids live somewhere else but are using your home as a storage unit for old trophies, yearbooks, and other clutter, tell them it has to go. Call your child to tell him he/she has a month to come get it or you’re going to donate it or ship it to him COD.

#4. Stop feeling like you’re throwing money down the drain by donating your stuff.    It’s tough. But the question is, are you going to throw away good space as well when you’ve already thrown away money? Bite the bullet—choose the space. Let the stuff go. Donate it to a good cause.

#5. Don’t let junk mail even enter your home.   Set up a recycling bin outside of your home. Throw your junk mail in there before you even set foot into your home.

#6. Don’t obsess over keeping everything “milestone” project your child creates.    Grab a folder and drop the BEST ones into plastic sleeves. Set a limit, and be reasonable in what you’re saving.

#7. Don’t hold on to clutter from parents who have passed away. Let go of guilt. Your parents  would hate to think that their stuff was causing you stress and guilt. You can’t keep everything, so find the five or six treasures in the stuff…

#8. Don’t feel emotionally blocked when it comes to getting rid of things that belonged to loved ones who have died.  Find the four or five treasures, display those with honor and respect. Don’t worry so much about all the other stuff. Less is more.

#9. Don’t let Baby and Kid Clutter ruin your space.   Set limits for the amount of space you’re prepared to dedicate to items—clothes, toys, and so on, and stick to those limits. Three bins for toys, four shelves for baby clothes, and so on.

#10. Don’t get bogged down with digital photos.   Don’t stress! Get a “Best of” Album; put only the best photos in it. Put it on your coffee table. Don’t worry about the rest.

#11. Follow this simple rule. You Must  put things back where they belong. Sorry to be harsh, but it’s that simple.

#12. Don’t say you’re too busy to declutter. When you’re cluttered, nothing works right—it’s that simple.

#13. Understand a totally organized home won’t appear overnight. (But start this tango today.)

Do the Trash-Bag Tango: It’s taken months for your house to become cluttered, so it’s not realistic to try and organize everything in one day or even a weekend. Instead, start small—one room or section of a room at a time. 

A simple trick to get you started is to use the Trash- Bag Tango technique. SET THE TIMER Every day, walk around your home and, in 10 minutes, fill one bag with trash and one bag with items that you want out of your house. Send them to Goodwill or set them aside for a yard sale. Do this every day for a month, and the change will be dramatic.


All Great Ideas! May I help you?

Poetic License: All of the Above is Slighty edited…

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SF Independent Living: Research and Assistance

Spelling Game tiles spell out Help Me

Kerry On 

Senior Living- New Chapters:

Helene and Randy Live in New York City. She contacted me to say her elderly parents live in San Francisco and their home was too much to handle. They needed assistance looking for an Independent Living situation.

 Helene hired me to research, tour/inspect four San Francisco Independent Living facilities and report back on my findings. She lives in Manhattan – only comes to the City a few times a year- and is “planning ahead” for her parents. A very good idea.

Touring the Properties

I arranged for Site Inspections at the Sequoias, the San Francisco Towers, the Carlisle and Coventry Gardens. During the tours of the properties I took notes and numerous pictures. I gathered all necessary brochures, floor plans, documents and handouts. I spoke to contacts and friends who shared their candid comments and assessments of each facility.

Reporting Back

I was able to compile a very thorough packet of information with commentary, analysis and brochures, contracts to FEDEX to the client.

We later spoke and reviewed all by phone. Armed with volumes of information and observations – Helene felt more confident and sure of her upcoming move to secure living accommodations and assistance.

clean closet

Another Senior Citizen Client – 78 and Moving to a new address

…Summertime Blues  – it happens

MK had to downsize from a spacious three-bedroom home to a lovely, petite, carriage house. She needed help sorting through decades of papers, books, and records and clothes.

She also needed to advise all of her suppliers of her new address, renew professional licenses, and have multiple documents organized and filed.

Organizing cupboards, shelves, closets, the storage area, as well as purging, donating and delivering items were all aspects of the job.

Careful planning, great resources, and we got the job done – with speed, humor and success!


~~May I help you? Kerry on!
~~See Me in the DIAMOND CERTIFIED Directory – Back Page
~~Please See my reviews on YELP
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What’s in your Closet? Ready for change?


Daryl D.had been out of the dating scene for decades.

Bam! He said he woke up single with a closet full of schlumpy old man clothes. All the cool guys in the the condo complex were “way groovier.” He noticed and took notes and called for help.  He called a close mutual friend who who called me.

Organizing Closets can be very rewarding – based upon the client’s willingness to Update, purge, donate and toss.

We met for fifteen minutes before he had the courage to show me his closet.

We walked into his closet and I causally suggested a “radical purging”  and updating his wardrobe. Daryl D was most agreeable and easy to work with in the organizing process.


Five Hefty garbage bags were filled with ancient clothing and donations.

He agreed, the old baby blue Samonsite luggage set had to go. We filled one with ancient neckties, worn belts and the three “seen better days” briefcases from law school.

Within an hour, we had culled the few classic wardrobe items (Keepers) and tossed the sad, old, worn-and-torn outdated pieces.

We then checked out my favorite Men’s Fashion websites:

Daly’s 1895


Within Minutes…

He went from dull and lifeless…We  ordered a few Wardrobe Must Haves:

  • New Belts: Black and Brown
  • A new handsome leather Cross-body Bag
  • A much needed Jack Spade Briefcase
  • Two Very Cool Bow ties – for special occasions
  • His First Pocket Square (!)

(Happy birthday- There was a new pair of cufflinks in his future…)

And so it begins…the subtle make over for the Next Chapter.

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TSA 101: How to get the magic number


If you are like me – sometimes TSA waves you through – other times ( i.e.that huge long line in Albuquerque) you must remove shoes, jacket, vest, necklace; then pull out iPad, iMac, iPhone, and toss the snack…

Here is a a hot travel tip:

First: Go online and start the process TSA PRE enroll.

NOTE:  It takes five minutes to submit an online application and schedule an in-person appointment that includes a background check and fingerprinting at an enrollment center.

Next, Make an Appointment  Online at IDENTGO or gamble and arrive very early  (opens at 07:30) be a Walk-In.


Beware the Traffic Coming from SF/North – Take the Candlestick/Tunnel Exit’  Look for the Huge, Blue-Tiled Building.

Park in front of BLDG #150

Take the Elevator to Third Floor – Identgo is on the Right; Approach the desk and  Check in …No Appointmentt?  Walk in’s are processed as available.


I arrived at 0745 and the very nicest guy assisted me.

In my possession I hadpass-2530814__340


Driver’s License,  

a Credit Card / Cash 

 the completed  TSA PRE Enroll form.

My passport was about to expire soon – Right Then and There: I got a passport photo taken for $10.85 and suggestions from said  Mr. Nice Guy on exactly how-to renew.

I was lucky to get the most professional/nicest guy in first office…Joy! A couple weeks later I got my magic TSA Number.pixabay-641075__340-2

Identgo: 150 Executive Park Blvd Ste 3700
San Francisco, CA 94134

Location Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM & 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM


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Do You Have A To Do List?


A new client needed help with:

  • Inventory pantry, cupboards: create list for Costco.

  • Mail: Sort through mail – toss junk mail – organize bills – create “paper-shred” pile.

  • Take the car to Touchless Car Wash for detailing.

  • Pick-up/drop off items at nearby dry cleaners.

  • Go to UPS to retrieve various packages.

  • Grocery Shop: Costco and Whole Foods and Rainbow Organics.

  • Remove tags from all new items from Marshalls/Nordstrom and arrange in closet.

  • Arrange all dress shirts, slacks, blazers and leather jackets by color and season.

  • Fold and Rearrange all T-shirts and sweaters /drawers

  • Organize Downstairs linen closet – remove all tattered towels.

  • Deliver towels, etc to SF SPCA.

  • Match: various drawers of odd socks.

  • Update Cooking Supplies and Spice drawers- toss out “expired” products.

  • Set Up File New System – Catalogs, brochures, warranties.

In good time: Missions Accomplished.

It is a pleasue working with this couple.

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Broken promises, broken hard drive, broken heart~~~

Wendy’s computer failed and she was desperate to get it repaired. And at a loss as to who to call, I put her in touch with Carl, ‘the tech geek extraordinaire” who are rides in on a motor scooter and can fix almost any computer. 

Last month a trendy café agreed to deliver lunch for 10, flowers, and a pink birthday cake-for my client, CB. This week.

An invoice was faxed to my client re-iterating the order. When my client called to confirm the delivery, the café, which shall remain nameless, claimed it never offered their services for delivery and they could not /would not deliver. Really?

My client (drives VW Bug) called me in a panic and I gladly drove to the café, picked up the delicious lunch, the bouquets of flowers, and  the ornate cake; in no time the party was set up and ready to start.

I stopped by BevMo for a few bottles of Prosecco and delivered all items and helped with set up.

It’s hard to mend a broken heart… much easier to fix a broken hard drive.

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