Kerry On – Personal Assistant and Project Manager

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Kerry On

25 years experience as a San Francisco professional organizer, project manager, and operations/logistics specialist.

Working with individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, homeowners, retirees and busy professionals.

Experience as a project manager, organizer, book editor, personal shopper, downsizing  moving specialist and Empty Nest Expert.

Experience in local site inspections and research; interfacing with specialists in Estate management as well as individuals, families, small companies and start-ups.


Extensive experience in home/office organizing, and project management; working with myriad clients including new parents, retirees/Seniors Planning a Move,  professionals and entrepreneurs to assist in making lives happier, cleaner, less cluttered and far more effective.

Diamond Certified – See ”Kerry On Comments’  Back Cover of your copy of  ‘Diamond Certified Directory’

YELP – See ‘Kerry On’ reviews

Please contact:

KGO RADIO 810 AM- San Francisco – Hear my Diamond Certified comments


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Blank white sandwich board on a city sidewalk

Kerry On

unnamed-3 copy 2 Please feel free to contact me:

  • Free 30-minute consultation within 30 mile radius

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Ready for a Move? Kerry On – Move Manager

We can make Moving Day more of a dream than nightmare…

Kerry On Your Personal Assistant


Kerry on: Your Move Manager

and Downsizing Specialist

Jack and Jeri decided to move from their spacious Marin County home  (3-BD/ 2BA)  to a cottage in St Helena.

We worked together for eight weeks to effectively plan, plot, and downsize their home and prepare for their new chapter.

The Cliff Notes

Extraneous furniture was sent to consignment, auction, and donated.

  • A successful Estate Sale was carefully planned and carried out.
  • The very  impressive library was sorted through – books were sold and a vast amount were donated to San Francisco State University.
  • Staff came on site to pack, purge, organize and deliver the contents of the home.
  • Both ARC and Goodwill picked up a wide variety of items.

Level Six Shredding  drove  up in their white van and picked up bags and bags of papers requiring shredding – and were gone in a blink.

Large Pick Up Arrangements were made with

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Kerry On! Want to get organized in 2018?

It’s time!

Kerry On – Your Personal Assistant

I provide organizational and concierge services to individuals, small business owners, and residential clients in San Francisco, Marin County and San Jose.

Whether you have Empty Nest or a Full Garage – I can help.

Details and deadlines are my strong suit. Having been a homeowner, Meeting Planner and Personal Assistant in San Francisco and Marin County, and now the East Bay, for 25+ years has provided the necessary training, expertise, and knowledge to be a capable and respected project manager and personal assistant.

I love what I do and I am a uniquely talented.

Kerry on ~ so you can carry on

My Clients: I work discreetly with attorneys, therapists, entrepreneurs, executives, physicians, professors, retirees and homemakers.Their motto: Kerry On!

What does a Personal Assistant do?

A new South Bay client needed help with:

  • Inventory pantry, cupboards, and make list for Costco
  • Mail: Sort through mail – toss junk mail – organize bills – create “paper- shred” pile
  • Take the car to Touchless Car Wash for detailing
  • Pickup/drop off items at dry cleaners
  • Go to UPS and retrieve packages
  • Grocery Shop: Costco and Whole Foods and Rainbow Organics
  • Remove tags from all new items from Marshalls/Nordstrom and arrange in closet(s)
  • Arrange all dress shirts, slacks, blazers and leather jackets by color and season
  • Fold and Rearrange all T-shirts and sweaters /drawers
  • Organize downstairs linen closet – remove all tattered towels. Deliver towels, etc to SF SPCA
  • Match: piles of odd socks; shoes.
  • Update Cooking Supplies and Spice drawers- toss out “expired” products
  • Set Up File New System – Catalogs, brochures, warranties

May I help you?

Contact me:

Blank white sandwich board on a city sidewalk


Say Your Name

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Give me your shopping list? Let me do you shopping

I am a Personal Shopper – with lots of retail experience.

Kerry On Your Personal Assistant

Kerry On Personal Shopper

Patsy is a very busy woman with no time to shop.

She said it came down to two choices: She could do the mad dash down the aisles of Whole Foods/Safeway and rush home in time to throw the groceries into their respective areas – quickly change for her Pilates class- jump back in the car and scour the area for a parking place and run into class – breathless…or

  She could hire me to do her weekly grocery shopping. We have it down to a science.

For instance, I know she likes pink roses, Best Foods Mayo and not faux mayonnaise.  She prefers Clover Organic Milk; Fage Greek O% fat yogurt; pink peaches – in season; frozen, organic, blueberries; Shredded Wheat; plain hummus; Tangerine juice – not Orange juice, California Cabernets, Quinoa in bulk, Trader Joe’s Belgium Chocolate Pudding (her favorite.)

Very Entertaining: When Patsy is planning to…

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Beware the lakes in Florida, Binkie



I was hired by an entrepreneurial woman to housesit for three days and process orders for her thriving eBay business.process orders for her thriving eBay business.

I was also scheduled to organize closets, the pantry, and tend to her small jungle of tropical plants.

Her beautiful home in Tampa is located in an elegant development built around the Twin Lakes – two huge lakes are framed by lush foliage and ancient trees dripping with spooky moss.  The water is alive with flocks of waterfowl right out of Audubon magazine. I was dazzled by the Blue Herons, the pelicans and egrets and the daily floorshow of migrating birds.

My first two days I was busy packing, processing and inventorying 50 E-Bay orders and tending her tropical flora. I started on her pantry and linen closet.

Water Foul?

Each evening, I make a point of walking for an hour.  On day two, I headed out towards the lakes and noticed a young woman following her off-leash, fluffy, white dog. The Bichon Frise darted in and out of bushes – and peripatetically sniffed along the edge of the lake. I stopped to watch the unbridled joy of the dog.  Then, in a split second, a massive alligator appeared at the water’s edge, opened its maw and bam! The canine disappeared and the alligator slithered back into the dark water. The owner screamed, “Princess!”

The silence was deafening.

The event was so surreal and shocking, neither of us knew what to do. She ran to the water’s edge scanning,  screaming, and crying.

Who are you going to call?

photo_7826_20081031I walked her back towards her house – her boyfriend drove up the street as we approached and she crumpled to the ground crying. I explained to him what had happened and left the two of them.

Ix-nay on walking around the lakes ever again.

Back to Work

The walk in-closets were a joy to organize; her pantry was a mini Williams Sonoma meets Sur Le Tab store- with numerous gadgets and appliances to put away.

The client returned and was delighted with her Ebay progress, closets, cupboards and plants. She wants me back quarterly for a “Touch Up.”

Lesson Learned: So much for thinking lakes in Florida are enchanting.

selective focus photography of crocodile

Photo by Adriaan Greyling on

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Your Personal Assistant in SF, San Jose and Marin

May I help you conquer clutter?

Kerry On:  Perhaps I can assist you:

  • Organize your office, closet, kitchen, or storage space
  • Establish a simple filing system
  • Assist – bill paying and balance checkbooks
  • Organize yout library or photos
  • Apple Assistance
  • Run Errands; Personal Shopping; Assist with Packing/Unpacking

Contact me

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Marin Open Studios: Laura Roebuck in Mill Valley


Saturday and Sunday, May 12- 13 2018   11 AM to 5 PM 

You are cordially invited to attend 

open studios with Laura Roebuck in Mill Valley

332 Miller Ave., Mill valley, CA.



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How to Quit Facebook: easy steps


Consumer Reports has an idea on how to systematically De-Activate your Facebook Acct.

Step One is to Back Off – simply close your account – do not delete – just put it to sleep for awhile…

Step Two is to 100% cease and desist.



Mr. Tesla, Elon Musk is on a quiet rampage – encouraging all to #Delete Facebook 


Brian Acton, a co-founder of the WhatsApp messaging service, told his tens of thousands of followers on Tuesday to delete Facebook.

(Tip: First -be sure to download all the  photos and  videos in your FB profile)

pexels-photo-236229.jpegPlease note: It may take up to 90 days from the Start of the Deletion Process for all your information to be full deleted from Facebook’s backup/systems, according to the company.


imagesKerry On!



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Marin County: all in a days work – favorites places

Today was a Day of Errands in San Rafael for a Marin Client

First stop: Car Needed Smog Check/Certificate:                                                             To San Rafael Smog on Lisbon Street – One of my favorite spots – clean, efficient, professional and bring a coupon (or mention one) for discount; both the owner and the assistant are cordial and a delight to do business with.

Next to the impeccable, Tuesday Morning Store in the Trader Joe’s (Montecito) shopping center. This store has the most attractive merchandise displays I have seen in along time.  My friends call it the Nordstrom of Tuesday Mornings. This store has well-priced linens, kitchen gadgets, pet trinkets, beautiful glasses and plates, jewelry and sunglasses. And the list goes on…she needed paper hand towels for the guest bathroom. Great display to choose from.

T.J. Maxx -588 Francisco Blvd W, San Rafael,  My client had a short list of things she needed from T.J. Maxx. They have a great selection of frying pans and saute pans; she loves coral colored bath towels and they happen to have a new shipment. There were a few other odds and ends.

The Dollar Store – there isn’t a dollar store around from miles except for this little store in San Rafael. Client needed a half-dozen pair of Readers, a dozen birthday gift bags, Windex, Ajax and a whisk.

Finally, there were some returns to Corte Madera Macy’s and the Apple Store.

Everything got checked off the List~

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Albert Einstein

May I help you? KerryOn

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Stop those Scam calls: Download Mr Number

Tired of all the scam, Robo, bothersome phone calls?

Download this Free App to Screen your calls…Mr.Number

CNET Thinks Mr Number is a Winner. WikiHow  Will teach you how to use Mr Number


Improved Blocking for “neighbor scam” calls that look similar to your number
– Improved and more accurate phone number lookups
– Revamped widget and share extension for quick and easy lookups
– More reliable daily push notifications to keep your spam protection up to date

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Top 10 Most Stressful Life Events? Kerry On


The Top 10 Most Stressful Events in a Lifetime:

 1. Death / Illness
2. Debt
3. Divorce
4. Dismissal from Job
5. Relationship Breakup
6. Holidays
7. Moving – selling a house/ buying a house
8. Moving – Finding a new place to live: packing, planning, plotting, locating a reputable mover, getting three bids from reputable movers, arranging for cars to be moved cross-country, packing more, attending going away parties, downsizing, purging, donating, gifting, organizing, distributing, creating EBAY and Craigslist ads for multiple treasures and selling multiple treasures, delivering additional items to consignment store, more donations, doing one last garage sale, getting more boxes, packing, scheduling…
9. Moving Day
10. Un-packing Week

imagesKerry On!

I can help.

 Please Contact me:

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