Kerry On – Personal Assistant and Project Manager

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Kerry On

25 years experience as a San Francisco professional organizer, project manager, and operations/logistics specialist.

Working with individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, homeowners, retirees and busy professionals.

Experience as a project manager, organizer, book editor, personal shopper, downsizing and moving specialist and Empty Nest Expert.

Experience in local site inspections and research; interfacing with specialists in Estate management as well as individuals, families, small companies and start-ups.


Extensive experience in home/office organizing, and project management; working with myriad clients including new parents, retirees, professionals and entrepreneurs to assist in making lives happier, cleaner, less cluttered and far more effective.

Diamond Certified – See ”Kerry On Comments’  Back Cover of your copy of  ‘Diamond Certified Directory’

YELP – See ‘Kerry On’ reviews

Please contact:

KGO RADIO 810 AM- San Francisco – Hear my Diamond Certified comments

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Let It Go – the art of decluttering and creating space – a celebration!


Let it go! Tips on How to De-clutter…

Originally posted on Kerry On your personal assistant:

Want to delete the clutter?


Are you ready, willing, and able to

 purge-toss-donate-re-cycle or re-gift


Let it Go?

The delightful, new best-seller, the life-changing magic of tidying up                           is a quick read and filled with cute, smart, quirky and very effective organizing tips.unnamed-5

A great way to start your New Year’s Resolution to “De-Clutter”                              is Discard first and Organize Later.

 Dishes-060photo_3166_20070904photo_8828_20090101Too much stuff? Do you have duplicates and triplicates and redundant items inhaling precious space in you home or office?

Let it Go!

I can help you to de-clutter and downsize.

Contact me to Kerry On

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Balloons in Sky

Let there be light – and space- and everything in it’s place.

Kerry On

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Raccoons the bane of your existence? Solutions here


An easy way to get rid of those darn pests!

Originally posted on Kerry On your personal assistant:

photo_28497_20131005Robert and Karin rented a cottage in Mill Valley while their  re-model was completed.

One morning at four o’clock,they were startled by the sounds of growls, shrieks and bodies being slammed against the wall of the crawl space below their bedroom. The ghastly screams and mad growling frightened the City Dwellers.

They moved to the guest bedroom and called the landlord who was “on holiday” skiing somewhere…no calls returned.

The couple googled every clue they could about the noise, potential animals and surmised it was dastardly Raccoons.

The next night, after searching for solutions ...they went to You Tube and found a Chinese Singing competition. Perfect. They aimed an industrial strength
Flashlight down the heating grate and placed their lap-top near by. Next, they put the shrill singing on – continual replay- and went to dinner and a movie.

They could hear the high pitched singing as they…

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What to do with all those CD’s? Get “Ready to Play” and Kerry On


Many of my clients have mountains of CD’s – taking up valuable space- What to do?

Get: Ready to Play 

The Perfect Solution in The Bay Area is to call Jeff at Ready to Play in Palo Alto             (next to Fry’s)

ReadyToPlay provides the best in class for cd ripping services: equipment, software technologies, metadata and personnel. We bring out the most in your CD collection – sound quality, album art & organization.

I delivered 325 of my client’s very favorite music CD’s to Jeff at Ready to Play and in a couple of days – he ripped all of them to the PERFECT Solution.

Jeff is very smart, efficient and great to work with...  I let all my clients, who have mountains, hills, piles, collections, closets and boxes filled with CD’s to think about reducing the collection ( aka clutter) with one quick trip to Ready to Play.


compact disc

kill the clutter

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My millennial – busy, SF, 20-something – will Kerry On


Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation

Originally posted on Kerry On your personal assistant:

imagesKerry On!

My millennial – like two ships passing in the night – we rarely see one another – and his house is in order. Perfect pairing.

 This month, my most interesting client is a busy, 20-something, very wealthy, man who can’t do his laundry.

Nor can he pick his clothes up off the floor; organize his refrigerator, pantry or closets. He cannot be present to receive the gardener, the maid, or receive special deliveries. His cupboards and pantry are as bare as old Mother Hubbard’s. I have been happy to stock the refrigerator and cupboard shelves with healthy, food, as needed.

Client X readily admits that he is “not that tidy” and asked me to organize his closets. All of them.

Mr. Chill Stich

He has a couple dozen pair of jeans -all skinny- the man does not eat.  You’ll find no Levi’s here – only designer labels like Armani, Fendi…

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What to do with all those old family photos? Kerry On


“You ought to be in Pictures….”

Originally posted on Kerry On your personal assistant:


Do you have boxes, baskets, and drawers filled with family photos?

Will you sort them by year, by family member, event, school, job, or state?  Perhaps you have plenty of time to put all of them in scrapbooks?

Or, like many of us, you might be daunted by the task and put them all back in boxes (baskets, drawers, cupboards) and plan to tackle the herculean task another day?


 Here is The Perfect Solution: ScanCafe

Six Simple Steps to having all your photographs scanned- saved and on a CD!

The ScanCafe Six-steps to success:

 1. You Order

2. You Ship to ScanCafe

3. We Scan

4. You Review -online and voila!

5. We Ship to You

6. You Enjoy & Share


I enjoyed Great Customer Service with the help of Jennifer in Hayward. My client has hundreds of photographs to scan – we sent 100 photographs in- to test the process-  and he…

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Hot Tip for everyone who carries a purse, handbag, backpack…


“She can’t find her keys…”

Originally posted on Kerry On your personal assistant:

blackSeveral of my clients have huge, cavernous hand-bags

and can’t find their black wallet, cosmetic case…black iPhone  or mole-skin journal in the depths of  their purses…

A Great Solution?

Try: Nathan’s Cycling Stick Ons – sheet with  60 different   vibrant glow in the dark – reflective press-ons…

These little items are great to apply to your wallet, cell phone, pens, combs… and everything hiding deep in the recesses of your purse, hand bag, or back pack.

PLUS:  Use Extra stickers to apply to your running shoes,  a dog  leash, dog collar, your hat….the only limit is your imagination!

A Good Reflection on You.

  • Nathan’s Cycling Stick-ons
  • Available at REI
  • $10.00
  • A real deal and you will be “enlightened!”

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Kerry On – Personal Assistant – Sample: To-Do-List

Originally posted on Kerry On your personal assistant:

photo_754_20060109cata What exactly does a Personal Assistant do?

 Tasks, Errands, Research, Organizing, Shopping, Mailing, Delivering …

Here is a sample of a  “To Do List” for a Monday Morning

Client “GH” runs a busy PR firm from a bustling home office

Here is a classic ‘To Do” List:

  • Research and Locate Property Manager -downtown Chicago for condominium 
  • Phone calls to Blue Shield – unravel billing error
  • Organize Bedroom Closets and Bathroom Cupboards
  • Contact AAA Automobile Insurance re: questions/increases
  • Make Appointment -Level Six  Shredders – Door to Door Pick Ip
  • Locate New Dry Cleaner – must be ‘green’
  • Trip to Target to pick household cleaning supplies, paper goods,
  • Wait for: ‘Fresh Air Janitorial’ – provide walk through house and garden. Get Bid.
  • Research and Purchase  4 x 6 Cherry-wood frames – four prints and two maps

photo_1geranium“JK2” on Portrero Hill needs assistance with: 

  • Inventory pantry, cupboards, and make list for Costco
  • Mail:

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Not Your Daughter’s Personal Assistant – Yours

Originally posted on Kerry On your personal assistant:

clean closetKerry On

  I specialize in organizing, de-cluttering, running errands,   moving/packing, online research, downsizing, solutions and tasks A dedicated professional, with over 25 years in creative problem-solving, research, projects, I’ll make your life easier.

While, I am not your Daughter’s Personal Assistant, I could be Your Parent’s  Helper and Organizer, or Your Personal Shopper and Move Manager. Have an Empty Nest? We can talk.

May I help you? Here is a short list of some of my services:

*Errand Service (dry cleaning, post office, pick ups and returns, drug store/delivery)

*Shopping Service (Strong background in retail; groceries, gifts, gift-wrapping)

*Home Office Assistance (filing, organizing, copying, faxing, shredding)

* Housesitting Service (pick up papers, care for plants and garden, stock pantry- refrigerator – groceries: upon return)

* Dining and Activities (pick up tickets/tours, make/confirm reservations)

*Moving and Orchestrating Details of  Your Move – Locally or Across the Country 


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Dropped your iPhone? Broken screen on your iPhone? See iCracked

crahs__20121114Check out iCracked

So you dropped your iPhone…iPad…

Check out: iCracked: The world’s only on-demand, device re-sell and repair service.

Visit to get started with a quote.
Long Description
We are the world’s largest iOS device repair & buyback network with over 1700 iTechs nationwide and in 10 countries.
iCracked exists to inspire and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit by allowing enterprising individuals secure their financial future as iTechs while remaining the world’s largest and fastest iOS device repair company.
Forbes’ Magazine America’s Most Promising Companies #17

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Letting go of the clutter…one drawer, shelf, cupboard at a time



There is no such thing as a Magic Wand to remove clutter…

The Good News:

I can help you toss, shred, organize, alphabetize, de-clutter and organize receipts, files and mild chaos.

Allow me – to assist you in de-cluttering, organizing, purging, tossing, and shredding…

Janice hired me to work with her elderly parents. They had rooms and rooms filled with items that needed to be repaired, donated, thrown away, put in the proper place…


An affable couple, Tillie and Michael, agreed they no longer needed those 12 old jig saw puzzles, 20 ‘0dd’ sets of playing cards, coloring books and crayons for the grandkids – who were now in college.

It’s in the Bag We filled up bags of junk to toss or recycle …and bags of toys in good shape to be donated. Next, we sorted though dozens of old movies, cassettes, and duplicate CD’s. We agreed: there are only so many Frank Sinatra ” I Did it My Way” CD’s one can listen to.

Too Much Stuff Syndrome? They had multiple bookshelves crammed with books and old magazines – in no time the books were sorted and organized -dog-eared magazines were recycled … giving the living room a great face lift.

(Boxes of very old Time Magazines and National Geograhics were put on Craigslist for free – and disappeared.)

Tillie has booked me to visit – twice a week – for the next two months. It’s a date!

We are working magic: clutter is disappearing!  Call me- we’ll talk. Kerry Onwand

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