Kerry On – Personal Assistant and Project Manager

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Kerry On

25 years experience as a San Francisco professional organizer, project manager, and operations/logistics specialist.

Working with individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, homeowners, retirees and busy professionals.

Experience as a project manager, organizer, book editor, personal shopper, downsizing and moving specialist and Empty Nest Expert.

Experience in local site inspections and research; interfacing with specialists in Estate management as well as individuals, families, small companies and start-ups.


Extensive experience in home/office organizing, and project management; working with myriad clients including new parents, retirees, professionals and entrepreneurs to assist in making lives happier, cleaner, less cluttered and far more effective.

Diamond Certified – See ”Kerry On Comments’ –

Back Cover of your copy of  ‘Diamond Certified Directory’

YELP – see Kerry On reviews

Please contact:

KGO RADIO 810 AM- San Francisco – hear my Diamond Certified comments

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Dropped your phone? Broken screen on your iPhone? See iCracked

crahs__20121114Check out iCracked

So you dropped your phone…ipad…

Check out: iCracked: The world’s only on-demand, device re-sell and repair service.

Visit to get started with a quote.
Long Description
We are the world’s largest iOS device repair & buyback network with over 1700 iTechs nationwide and in 10 countries.
iCracked exists to inspire and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit by allowing enterprising individuals secure their financial future as iTechs while remaining the world’s largest and fastest iOS device repair company.
Forbes’ Magazine America’s Most Promising Companies #17

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Letting go of the clutter…one drawer, shelf, cupboard at a time



There is no such thing as a Magic Wand to remove clutter…

The Good News:

I can help you toss, shred, organize, alphabetize, de-clutter and organize receipts, files and mild chaos.

Allow me – to assist you in de-cluttering, organizing, purging, tossing, and shredding…

Janice hired me to work with her elderly parents. They had rooms and rooms filled with items that needed to be repaired, donated, thrown away, put in the proper place…


An affable couple, Tillie and Michael, agreed they no longer needed those 12 old jig saw puzzles, 20 ‘0dd’ sets of playing cards, coloring books and crayons for the grandkids – who were now in college.

It’s in the Bag We filled up bags of junk to toss or recycle …and bags of toys in good shape to be donated. Next, we sorted though dozens of old movies, cassettes, and duplicate CD’s. We agreed: there are only so many Frank Sinatra ” I Did it My Way” CD’s one can listen to.

Too Much Stuff Syndrome? They had multiple bookshelves crammed with books and old magazines – in no time the books were sorted and organized -dog-eared magazines were recycled … giving the living room a great face lift.

(Boxes of very old Time Magazines and National Geograhics were put on Craigslist for free – and disappeared.)

Tillie has booked me to visit – twice a week – for the next two months. It’s a date!

We are working magic: clutter is disappearing!  Call me- we’ll talk. Kerry Onwand

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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Personal Assistant


Top 10 Reasons You Need to ‘Kerry On’
 in the New Year

1.The dry cleaning still needs to be picked up.
2.The prescription is waiting at Walgreens.
3.The running shoes (not Zappos) are the wrong size and need to be exchanged.
4.Every plant in your house needs a burial at sea.
5.Paper: you have paper – stacks, piles, files and more – just waiting you attention.
6.Your cupboards and refrigerator are as bare as old Mrs. Hubbard’s.
7.The ‘Thank you notes’ from Christmas ‘14 still need to be purchased, addressed, signed and mailed.
8.You don’t have time to find, hire and train a housekeepr, an electrician, a new gardener or a handyman.
9.Even your Netflix are egregiously late.
10.You are simply too busy.

Kerry On: Your Personal Assistant~ so you can carry on

Superior skills in multi tasking while effectively running projects
Able to organize, manage and coordinate
Adept at taking initiative and getting results: chores, tasks, and errands.
Extremely resourceful with a thorough knowledge of SF and Marin
Vendor and Project Management
Excellent verbal and written skills
Specializing in Projects, Tasks, Errands

References available upon request
See Kerry On Yelp Reviews

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I’m a Pick Up Artist and Personal Assistant

Exteriour of quirky house with red painted decorations

I am a pick up artist:

I Pick Up the Pieces: the dry cleaning, the packages at UPS, the plans at City Hall, and the groceries from Whole Foods, Safeway, Bryan’s and Trader Joe’s.

I run errands and I run interference for you with suppliers, contractors, workers and helpers.
I’m a professional Personal Assistant with a proven track record and background in logistics and operations.


  • I Moved a couple from their home of 45 years to a Senior Residence in Santa Rosa.
  • I researched the best water heater company in Marin and arranged for the very smooth  installation
  • Arranged for 62 windows cleaned to perfection
    * Created a very thorough ‘Earthquake Preparedness Kit’ for a family of four
    and facilitated the design and construction of 3 very efficient closets….
  • I helped a film-maker set up a home office;  picked up a Visa at the Russian Consulate, bought, wrapped, insured and mailed multiple Christmas gifts, stocked a very extensive pantry from stem to stern.
  • I researched and found a great paint that replicates a movie screen and made a client very happy by having her wall painted/treated – voila!  A new meaning for Home Movies….
  • Delivered: A client  in New York hired me to deliver healthy, balanced  meals from Whole Foods to his frail, elderly parents in Sausalito.
  • De-Cluttered: A very busy client needed closets cleaned up and organized 
  • Client A. doesn’t have time – she hands me her Errands List – Considers it “done” and it is, every week.
  • Another client needed help downsizing/de-cluttering/organizing before her move from a loft South of Market to a condo in Tiburon.  We shopped, shipped, wrapped, taped, labeled, recycled, donated and got her feeling a lot more confident and relaxed about her next chapter.

The list of what I can do to make you life easier and more fun is long and varied. Let’s talk.

I  will Kerry on – so you can carry on and have a lot more fun and time!


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Need to Curb Your Enthusiasm? Shredding Excellence

iNEW_like-you 2Kerry On Award for Great Service

Not a Shred of Evidence...Level Six Shreddingimages

Recently, a client hired me to deliver reams of out dated documents, ancient tax returns, and misc. papers  to

Level 6 Shredding in San Francisco.

This  owned and operated – impeccable company weighed and shredded all the docs that required my ‘witness’ and were to shred all other papers, thereafter.   Matt and Robert make house calls -and  will show up at your curb ( at your home or office) and shred documents, too.

A great service –  both very professional and cordial: Level Six Shredding.

Good Will? Out-of -the -Closet is a dynamic, well organized, company – located at California and Polk Streets – light years ahead of Goodwill- who accepts donations for resale.

Excellent drive in and drop off donations service. Several clients have hired me take multiple bags for donations to Out- of -the- Closet.

Good Will Hunting – Looking for someone to run to Target, Costco and Bev Mo?  Last week I made the rounds for one family and delivered groceries, paper goods, and beverages. Happy family.


I am professional and efficient with a proven track record and sterling references.

Free 30-minute consultation within 10 miles radius.

  • References Upon Request
  • May I help you?
  • Thank you

Kerry On

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Classics: Chekhov and Liszt and My Check off List

Classics – Chekhov and Liszt
Professionally Speaking 

My Check Off List – Kerry On Personal Assistant

Experience... check.

Quality… check…. Long and varied career in working with consummate professionals – in the hospitality industry and human resources, as well as a proven track record in orchestrating and organizing a household

.. check, again. As a professional, I understand the nature of the client-assistant give-and-take, and not only do I welcome your input and feedback, I thrive on it. Both tactful and discreet.

Easy to work with… check. I love my job, and it shows not only in the end product, but also in every aspect of how I run my business. I am very professional, efficient, resourceful, and results-oriented.

I welcome your questions, and, if appropriate – I  hope we can get together on a short term / long term project.


Contact me at:

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Let It Go – the art of decluttering and creating space – a celebration!

Want to delete the clutter?


Are you ready, willing, and able to

 purge-toss-donate-re-cycle or re-gift


Let it Go?

The delightful, new best-seller, the life-changing magic of tidying up                           is a quick read and filled with cute, smart, quirky and very effective organizing tips.unnamed-5

A great way to start your New Year’s Resolution to “De-Clutter”                              is Discard first and Organize Later.

 Dishes-060photo_3166_20070904photo_8828_20090101Too much stuff? Do you have duplicates and triplicates and redundant items inhaling precious space in you home or office?

Let it Go!

I can help you to de-clutter and downsize.

Contact me to Kerry On

Blank white sandwich board on a city sidewalk

Balloons in Sky

Let there be light – and space- and everything in it’s place.

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As serious as a Heart Attack? You betcha!


Ya Gotta Have Heart!

Rosie O’Donnell has a new HBO Special About Women and Heart Attacks.

Yes, she is very funny and there was nothing funny about her recent heart attack or about the ‘Top Four Signs You Are Having a Heart Attack, Lady!’

cupcakesLady-like Symptoms?

Unlike your father, brother, uncle, husband, son – women “Present” differently. Our heart attacks aren’t the clutch your chest style. We’re different.

If you feel clammy and hot, experience extreme pain and discomfort (around your jaw, neck, mouth…) and become nauseous and are very, very, tired – your body is screaming: Call 911! Now!

unnamed-8Chew on an Aspirin…

Is there aspirin in your medicine cabinet? Bravo! Is there a small container of aspirin in your purse? in your desk at work? in your car? at your paramour’s casa?

unnamed-7 Target sells Generic Aspirin – in a handy 3-small-bottles in a box for $6++-                 Check out Walgreens, Longs, CVS, Lucky, Publix, Safeway…

Lady! Save a Life – Yours.

Remember – Buy Aspirin ( No, not Alleve or Advil, etc)

If you Feel Hot and simply Exhausted, and have Pain and are Nauseous- Call 911.

Girls: We are Unique. Be aware of the SIGNS



ASPIRIN: Why It Is Used
For people who are having a heart attack. You can take aspirin to help you during a heart attack. After you call 911 or other emergency services, the operator may tell you to chew 1 adult-strength or 2 to 4 low-dose aspirin. Or you might be given aspirin in the ambulance or emergency room. Aspirin slows blood clotting. So a blood clot that is causing the heart attack stays smaller.   WEB MD


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Hot tip: How to talk to a human being – not a machine

Need a personal shopper? ~An Apple a Day~If you are like me….and loathe the rings-of-hell you experiences with Customer Service calls


to find the direct corporate phone numbers and skip the inane, on-hold-forever middleman:

apple-variety-196797__180 Like Eve, I fell for Apple… and AT&T, the snake, is ssEeething…

Like Eve, I fell in love with Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod…I drank the kool-aid.)     

AT&T, my carrier,  (aka the snake) is very mad.  AT&T punishes customers who shop at the Apple Store. Who knew?

AT&T says: “Don’t you dare buy an iPhone at the Apple Store. Or,  I’ll get you, my pretty!”

AT&T actually calls your iPhone purchase at the  Apple Store a “Buyers Remorse” event. As in, “If you shop at the Apple Store and we will raise your bill…”


Talk to a Human at AT&T….use You will thank me.

Simple Solutions – my goal.

photo_8735_20081228AT&T remains seething…and floods of complaints from enraged ATT customers can be read daily – on the ATT Forum (Google:  ATT punishes customers)

Skip the Fright Fantastic: People in the know, go to an AT&T Store and speak to really smart, really well trained, staff. Sonny and Lucio in Novato are outstanding.

iNEW_like-you 2

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Her boyfriend’s apartment needed a Face-lift: done!


shirts-messy__180Stan is a busy bachelor who never had time to clean up, tidy up

or get up and clean out his closets, cupboards or drawers.

Tini, his girl friend, hired me to help Stan tackle two of his “very full,” not-too-tidy- over-flowing closets.

Agreeable, results-orients and happy to finally de-clutter : 

Stan and I cleaned out two huge closets in four hours. Years of older-in great shape-Camping gear was donated to a local Boy Scout Troop.

Stan had two nephews who inherited old golf clubs, perfectly good  tennis rackets (and six cans of new tennis balls) a badminton set – still in the box, and everything – but the table- for table tennis. Progress.

In that short while we re-configured his closet – liberated a lot of space and transferred his Sports /Ski/ Hiking jackets to the front of the closet – great visibility and access. Stan is a happy camper and a new monthly client.

 Next? The Back Porch….May I help yu?Contact KERRY ON if you need help with cupboards, closets, garages, drawers, shelves, clutter…

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